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What Is Bing?


What Is Bing?

bingThe original iterations of Bing, billed as a “decision engine” were Live Search, Windows Live Search and MSN Search. Yahoo Search is currently transitioning to being powered by Bing. Bing is different from many other types of search engines which return search results based on keywords and the popularity of sites that are derived from those keywords. A decision engine goes a step further in providing results that are customized for each person browsing the web.

There are 2 powerful approaches to the way Bing works. The first is that it allows the Internet user to input various details of a search so that, for example, certain options that do not have the designated parameters are eliminated, making the search much more effective, streamlined and appropriate for the user.

The second aspect of the relationship with a decision engine is that it learns from the user over time, gathering information regarding likes, preferences and inclinations.

Bing is a Web Portal

Bing allows the user to do most web actions – shopping, movie watching, general browsing – while within the Bing environment. In March 2011, Bing accounted for more than 30 percent of US web searches, which was an increase of a full 5 percent in only one month.

With all this power, many Internet users are likely to say make Bing my homepage. A business needs to track the progress and growth of Bing. But, an even better approach would be to have a powerful Internet marketing company such as Karma Snack attend to the many nuances of Bing.

Bing is Feature Rich

Bing has some impressive features, such as an image search that continuously scrolls through images, hovering over a video preview causes the video to begin playing, instant stock info, advanced math computations, powerful online shopping, automatic language translation, tracking airline flights – and the list goes on.

Other attractive features are found with Bing local listings. Here the user discovers instant access to restaurants, up-to-the-minute traffic conditions, local listings of businesses, services, hotels and people, and a movie search that tells users at what local theaters they will find a particular movie showing.

Other advantages of Bing are that it is available in many countries and many languages and includes localization of numerous cities and areas. Additionally, Bing can be linked with a user’s Facebook through Facebook Connect.

The Karma Snack team wants your business to take advantage of all that Bing has to offer. No Internet marketing service has better knowledge of how to connect with Bing. Contact Karma Snack today to discuss how they can put Bing to work for you and your business.

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