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search engine optimization case study

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 What  are they are what do they mean?

A link that points to your website from another website technically its called  “back link.”

Why does a small local website need to rank this way? What types of links will get more and higher rankings.

Search Engine Optimization Experiment and Testing.

Lets try a search term ” Miami SEO”

Our current rank past 54

Why? Wanted to sit dormant to show results that matter.

How- Simple, we are going to manually optimize our website on search engines.

Step 1. Figure out current internet rankings.

How? Use my eyes.

Why? SEO software programs can’t really adjust for universal results.

2. Once We have your rankings now  we go for the page structure.

  • Header Tags
  • Keyword Density is back!
  • Check for canonical url structure
  • Check code
  • Validate the code with W3C

Generally what we use a back links is actually a citation algorithm shich care about who you link to and who links to you.  MIAMI SEO

In today’s society a business owner needs more than just word of mouth advertising to help their business continue to grow. Technology reaches places far and wide. And in order for a business to successfully tap into those customers beyond earshot, they need to attain the marketing services of professionals who know how to navigate the search engine optimization (SEO) component of internet marketing.

Karma Snack is one full service internet marketing Miami based company. They derive their motivation from and take pride in fulfilling the business mission statements of their clients. Their energy is focused on making sure that the company’s products or services are promoted in such a way that success is inevitable. It is a fact that their clients have documented a 50% to 300% increase in online business since using the services of this SEO Miami company.

They are dedicated to the community where they are based. Local marketing services are available to small business clients as well as the large business clients. Knowing how to plan, organize, and execute a business campaign is a specialty of this internet marketing company. All of their services are executed in house, nothing is outsourced over seas. Their company consists of professionals who have expertise and a knowledge base that brings a particular aspect to their work with clients.

They have put together a team of professionals who respect each others talents and input. They have weekly brainstorming meetings that addresses every client’s account, on top of having a account manager for every client. This account manager receives updated feeds about their client’s progress 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Now that we know a little bit about one of the best internet marketing companies in Miami, lets find out about what makes them so successful.

In order for any website to be considered a success online they have to first go through a search engine. The search engine fields, organizes, and ranks websites according to their content value. When internet users link on to a website it creates a back link. Back links are the key ingredient to any search engine optimization marketing campaign. When a back link is created it can give certain types of feedback about the personal or cutural interests of those who are viewing the website. Major search engines like Google use back links to rank websites on their results page.

For every back link that is created for a website Google considers it as a ballot cast in the favor of this site. So the more back links a site can generate, then the more popular that site is considered to be. However, there are some other factors that are taken into consideration when a page or site is being evaluated for their ranking. Like any method or process there are tricks of the trade that get developed in order to defraud the system. But because Google is results oriented, they did not want to mess around with defrauders who wanted the rankings but did not offer content worth veiwing. So they use a pretty stringent method of weeding the nonsense.

Google is documented as saying that it is the quantity, quality and relevance that counts towards a page or sites rating. So they use a system of qualifying factors to aid in ranking of a website’s back link. They rate back links from a site with documented expertise on a specific topic with more value than any other site. If two sites have information on the same keyword then the site whose information is more relevant and deemed to be more credible on the topic gets the higher back link ranking.

Another key factor is if a website receives a back link from another web page. For example, a reciprocal link or a directory link, will add more value to the receiving websites back link. And the final important factor is the anchor text which describes the ajoining website. The website is given a higher ranking if it’s anchor text is relevant to it’s site content. Because there are so many words involved with marketing on the internet; a sites ‘keywords’ rule in the search engine optimization world. Karma Snack knows how to use back links so that they create rankings that will increase the sales, leads, and profitability of any business online.

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