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Using the 7 Ps in Your Internet Marketing Plan

March 27th, 2014

Marketing-TipsThe 7 P’s are very important in Internet marketing and can help in making it more effective.

  • PRODUCT-You need to be able to assess the market and the customers’ mood to understand if the product you are selling online is really in demand or not? A good product sold at the wrong time or in the wrong place might not sell as much, so you need to be educated in how someone surfing on the Internet will be attracted to buy your product. Appropriate research should be done ahead of time.
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Proposals Without an Engagement Ring

March 19th, 2014

Proposals without an Engagement RingNot all proposals are include a nervous man with a ring in his hand and a teary eyed girlfriend that just changed her status to engaged. Proposals in business are a little similar to a man asking a woman to be his wife; they both are offers of a promising future together. With business it is one business asking another business to formally accept their offer to provide services or to buy products. When it comes to Internet marketing, a proposal from an Internet marketing company will include a description of how they will help you meet your Internet marketing goals and the results they expect to receive.

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