Professional Website Design Essential

Professional Website Design Essential

Professional Website DesignThe perfect product or the perfect service will not bring in income if no one knows about it. There are some that still resist technology and the Internet, but the numbers are dwindling. Even people in their 70’s and up see the need to access the world through the Internet and are doing what they need to so that they can learn the basics of navigating the web.

A professional Internet presence needs a professionally designed, easy to navigate website. The first impressions are no longer primarily made by face-to-face contact; it is done on the Internet. Being on the first page of Google isn’t enough if your website doesn’t accurately represent your company. The first impression is what will keep or loose a visitor.

Take a good look at your website and its design. Evaluate the following areas:


• Does the color match the theme of the site?
• Do the colors work well together?
• Do the colors distract or add to the content/product?


• Does the skill needed to navigate match the target audience?
• Is it clear how to get to information?
• Are the product information, ordering links, and the contacts links clear?


• Is the content easy to read?
• Does the font and size make it easy or difficult to read?
• Is there enough content?


• Is it clear the product/information that is available on the site?
• Is ordering easy and fast?
• Are the descriptions of the product accurate?


• Are ads placed where they are noticed but yet not interfering with the product/information?
• Do the ads target the same audience as the website?
• Are the ads effective?

You may have a great professionally designed website that has been bringing in an adequate income. If you are ready to take it to the next level, you may not need an entire re-design but a tune up of your current website design. You may be missing optimizing opportunities on a great website that is already on Google’s first page.

It doesn’t matter if you need a new design or need your present website analyzed, Karma Snack can do both. The website analysis is even free! Visit now to learn more about the Internet marketing services offered.

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