Video MarketingVideo Marketing


Corporate video production is one of the most popular ways to market your business. Creating a corporate promotional video can benefit your company in a number of ways:

  • Create Brand Exposure
  • Build Consumer Trust
  • Develop Community
  • Increase Brand Equity
  • Attract New Customers
  • Grow Consumer Database

Behind The ScenesBehind The Scenes

As someone who naturally understands people with a profound level of intuition, Diana Castro has spent a lifetime reading, observing, and capturing beauty in the world around her. What makes her a unique creator is that she is able to turn images, thoughts, and discoveries into visually captivating stories that make a lasting impact on viewers. Innovative and always coming up with new ideas, she can take the most complex problems and make them simple, practical, and more than anything, achievable.

Diana has a way of capturing the soul of a business, her ability to read between the lines, limitless imagination, and creativity gives her an edge when telling a story. Everything she does is filled with purpose and there’s nothing she enjoys more than seeing a vision come to life. She’s a talented director and producer with a vast understanding of various positions in the industry—from PA to coordinator. She has created powerful stories for prestigious companies like Honda, Telemundo, Home Depot, Kraft, Ford, and many others. With a strong understanding of social media, she is also able to help others understand how to use different online mediums to make videos work hard for her clients.

What she brings to Karma Clients is a distinct way of capturing the essence of a business and with strategy, vision, and purpose. Able to generate ideas on the go, she loves collaborating. Her willingness to push the limits and her knowledge of branding work together to tell stories with authenticity, strong branding, and beautiful final films that have weight, and character.

Outside of filmmaking, Diana is a lover of all things holistic and enjoys spending time with her partner in crime and two gorgeous daughters. She is a dreamer that loves simplicity, practicality and good wine with friends family and music. She believes that everyone was born with a purpose and that the universe has provided talents within each person to complete their mission, her mission is to capture beauty , to tell stories that make a difference, to capture stories that create emotions and drive behavior, to live in purpose.