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Do you know any other online business development firm that has generated over 100,000 1st page Google positions for their clients?

This positioning translates into MILLIONS of dollars in revenues for our clients. Our marketing solutions range from rich media and video to some serious SEO abilities. As a online marketing agency, we do more than drive in extreme traffic; We increase conversions rate for profitable return on your hard earned business dollars. It’s our passion to understand how search engines work! As a leading internet marketing agency, we deliver results in the form of high quality traffic, leads, more online sales. Our higher customer life time values. Our Services →


We’re results driven. Results mean generating more revenue for your company. Fact: over the last decade, our “measured marketing” has added MILLIONS of dollars to our client’s bottom line.


What makes our firm unique within our competitive field is the fact that we’re always on the leading edge of online revenue growth practices. The reality in what we do is that criteria and standards change monthly, sometimes weekly! Because of our dedication to constantly remaining on the leading edge, we can help your company outperform itself and your online competition with greater gain on an immediate, long-term, and lasting basis.


We’re more that techno-geeks. We’re experienced professionals who appreciate the many dimensional needs you and your company have. Sure, business is about making the number work. There’s also a human side to all this which we value greatly.

Miami Search Engine OptimizationMiami Search Engine Optimization


Consumers browser the internet, stream videos, and now shop all on their mobile devices. What does this mean for a business owner? The internet experiences has now gone mobile! According to Cisco, by 2018 mobile traffic will surpass regular desktop traffic, this mean your business needs to be mobile ready now, more than ever. We can help! Mobile Website Design →

mobile seo
What we projected back in 2010 / We have surpassed this in 2017!

Marketing ServicesMarketing Services


We help companies like yours grow your revenue. How? By applying technology and intelligence which:

Expands your market research

Targets and leads more qualified prospects to your doors

Increases your online conversion and sales rates

Helps you keep and increasing percentage of existing customers

At Karma Snack, we’re results driven. Results mean generating more revenue for your company. Fact: over the last year, our “measured marketing” has added million of dollars to our client’s bottom line (verifiable on request). In this economy, there’s no better way to measure…results.

Miami Search Engine MarketingMiami Search Engine Marketing


Over the past decade, we’ve worked with hundreds of industries. We specialize in the following:

  • Health care marketing
  • Automotive marketing
  • Tourism marketing
  • Online education
  • Supplements
  • Government
  • Real estate marketing
  • Legal marketing
  • Telecommunications
  • Specialty & niche markets

Miami Video ProductionMiami Video Production


Marketing is the very medium, the very vehicle that will take an idea and turn it into success. A person can have the best product in the world, but it does not mean anything if no one ever hears about it.

A corporate promo video is geared to a specific audience, a target market. Our promotional videos are designed to catch the eye of your audience. Having a promotional video made is not as difficult or costly as one would think. View our team’s video portfolio →

We provide quality internet marketing services for large corporations down to small businesses. Learn more about who we are. Our Executives