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Selling Ideas and Products Through Video Production

For corporate presentations, there is nothing better than great visual effects. That is why so many corporations today, are creating corporate videos. As companies try to impress their clients in today’s fast paced world, nothing can tell a story better than a video.

Corporate videos can help companies and corporations showcase a product, explain production, and help show business strategy. For potential buyers of a product, a video presentation of the product’s benefits, usually has a profound effect on potential buyers. This is especially true for buyers of large quantity items.

For investors, or people who are concerned with explaining the production process, a well developed corporate video can be worth its weight in gold. This is especially true for corporations who are trying to solidify financing from a distant source.

For business and corporate employee and CEO board meetings, a solid business strategy video presentation can be essential in getting the ideas of the business strategy out for implementation. The old adage’ if a “picture paints a thousand words” than a business video will certainly paint tens of thousands.

A great video presentation is also very important with a company website. A website with video, is the perfect way to showcase a company and product line to web site visitors. Companies today consider their website to be their face to the world. Because of this, corporate video production is an essential tool to great website presentation as well.

Karma Snack – Trusted Promotional Video Production Company in Miami, FL

Increase brand awareness and sales with product video marketing

Whether you are looking for increasing brand awareness, expanding customer loyalty, or driving increased sales, a promotional video can accomplish all these things and much more for your business. Contact Karma Snack, the best video production company to achieve measurable success with highly engaging and interactive videos. 

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We Produce a Compelling Business Marketing Video for Your Business

Business promotions are no piece of cake. With audience fragmentation and the growing complexities of media, it’s becoming complex like never before. 

That’s where Karma Snack and our business marketing video production can help your business!

Our video production company in Miami, Florida produces striking promotional videos that captivate the attention of your audience, trigger action, and drive results for your business and brand. We, with our dedicated video producers, create compelling content that translates into sale conversions.

Karma Snack focuses its efforts to bind video content marketing strategies in a way that pushes your audience to take the next step you want them to take. 

Why Invest in Promotional Videos? 

In order to promote your business, the digital age demands for appealing ideas that help you stand out from the competition. Video Marketing is your key to bring a creative flair in your marketing techniques.

So whether you want to increase public awareness about your brand, promote a cause, or want to increase sales conversions, an effective promotional video will help you streamline your marketing efforts.

A promotional video should have the following characteristics:

  • It should create an emotional connection with the target audience.
  • It should be simple to understand yet detailed enough.
  • It should consist of engaging content with a short time duration.
  • It should communicate through a clear call to action ( CTA ).

The digital world is saturated with information. Every marketer is focusing on capturing the attention of the target audience. As a video production company, Karma Snack knows how to cut through the clutter and get your message heard. 

Statistics Behind the Promotional Video Production

The digital transformation in businesses has led to the immersion of video marketing on a large scale. The global statistics demonstrate how it’s taking the shape of a huge marketplace –

  • The completion rate of video advertisements is 89%.
  • 90% of customers say videos impact their buying decisions.
  • YouTube gets over five billion views every day.
  • 73% of B2B marketers observed the positive impact of video on their ROI.

The escalation in the video traffic and engagement is motivating the marketers to put their eggs in the basket of video marketing. It is a versatile, effective, and most importantly, a shareable medium. Considering the surging statistics, we recommend it highly to convert your potential leads into consumers. 

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Karma Snack Follows a Time-Tested Process for Video Production in Miami, Florida

To create an effective promotional video for your business, you need to find the right corporate video company. A promotional corporate video marketing company like Karma Snack can guide you through creating an effective video campaign. 

We Start with a Goal

We, at Karma Snack, follow the best practices to create promotional corporate video production. Our team knows that creating just a video is not enough. To produce quality video marketing content, one needs to start by determining the business’s purpose. 

  • Do you want to attract new leads and customers?
  • Do you want to showcase your products or services to drive sales?
  • Are you interested in sharing viral content about your product?
  • Do you want to share the success stories of your customers? 

Unless you conclude your video goal, you wouldn’t know the direction to set your video in. Every goal is a pathway to a different video.

We Understand Your Target Audience

It is a universal challenge for marketers to understand the target audience. Understanding the target audience is more than just a demographic makeup. It is about figuring out their choices, decisions, motivations, buying patterns, purchasing behaviors, and many more.  

We walk our clients through the process of understanding the ideal audience segment so that the promotional video can focus on their core needs and demands.

We Keep Buyer Intent in Mind

Different prospective buyers have different buying intentions. Some visit your website to sign the dotted line while others just want to explore through your products and services. We support the sales process aligning with buyer intent, understanding what the buyer is intending to accomplish. 

We Create Engaging and Quality Content 

A video that’s hardcore marketing and adds zero value makes no sense for the viewers. We invest resources to create a promotional video for your business with engaging and quality content. 

Your viewers will lose interest if your video is just a commercial that pitches your product or services. 

As a video content marketing agency we create video promotion content from which the viewer can learn something or understand what we have to offer them. We help you create a relationship with your viewer or prospect through the medium of video marketing.

We Focus on CTA ( Call-to-Action )

The end motive of the entire process of video marketing is to promote the users to take the desired action. What action do you want from viewers at the end of the video? We do not leave them hung! Our video suggests call-to-action:

  • To download
  • To subscribe for email or more videos 
  • Contact your team
  • Click to buy
  • Share the video 
  • Watch another video

At the end of a video or part of a video we create, we redirect the viewer to the business’s marketplace once they are done watching it. 

We Test and Measure Videos

Today we have to test and measure everything we publish on the internet. For analytics, we use an advanced video player. It enables us to get insights into the viewer’s behavior- the viewers of the video, CTA-clickers, watch time of the video, and more. 

By analyzing this information, we can conclude the behavioral patterns of the video viewers and construct our further marketing strategies accordingly. 

We Consider Search Engine Optimization 

To make your video rank on the SERPs, we do the right search engine optimization and tagging. 

  • Writers at our video content marketing agency create a compelling title (including the keyword) that communicates the content.  
  • We create a description that outlines everything that is being covered in the video.
  • Add subtitles in the video.
  • Add relevant tags that make your video discoverable.
  • Activate the comment option on the video.

We follow these practices to make sure that you get the most out of your video. These practices help us to provide you with a successful, useful, and engaging video. 

Our Promotional Videos Represent Your Brand Positively

Organizations and businesses, irrespective of the industry, are gaining an advantage over their competitors with promotional videos. At Karma Snack, we take pride in being flexible with our video marketing strategies. We are committed to delivering impactful videos for a wide range of clients with different business objectives. Our goal is to create videos that break through the noise and capture the attention of consumers.

We aspire to deliver high-quality videos at the most affordable prices in the industry. With our promotional video services, we promise high-quality production values along with reliability and sharaebility. 

Our professional team uses up-to-date, high-quality sound and recording equipment with high standard lighting to deliver videos with a fantastic look and sound quality. We carefully select visual effects, sound, and music for your promotional video to attract the target audience. 

Our directors, producers, animation directors, content writers, and camera operators work together to ensure that your video production project gets the dedicated attention in detail at all stages of its corporate video production and execution. 

Why Does Your Business Need a Promotional Video?

Videos are becoming popular means of promotion these days – we have already discussed the stats! You can harness the power of video for your business too. Following are the reasons why your business needs a promotional video:

  • Videos can easily demonstrate your business to the consumer.
  • They easily explain the complicated processes of your business with a self-contained and shareable video.
  • They engage your customers more effectively than static content.
  • They evoke emotions in the viewer.
  • They provide a quick way to educate your audience. 
  • They provide the solution as easily and effectively as possible.
  • They showcase the personality of your business and the corporate culture.
  • They increase the conversion rate. 

Tell Your Corporate story with Karma Snack

Whether your company needs to communicate your corporate message or wants a service or product marketing, rely on product video marketing to share your message instead of other media. Our video marketing company team at Karma Snack provides support to produce a video to share your business’s message effectively.

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Ready to Start with Your Corporate Video Production? 

Looking to have an explorative call about how to get started with your product video marketing project? We can take you through our production process, deliveries, price, and more. Your journey to high business profitability starts with Karma Snack- the best corporate video company

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