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Digital Hotel Marketing to Promote Your Hospitality Business

Why Does Your Hotel Need Online Marketing?

The internet is an ocean of information. Just like food, water, and shelter, it has become a necessary addition to the lives of human beings.

Nowadays, people rely on the internet for most of their crucial choices, and hotel booking is not untouched. People search on the internet for the hotels at their current location to hotels miles away. To book a hotel, the very first thing people do is search – for example ‘Hotels in Miami’. They generally look for three factors before making a reservation:

  • Price range
  • Guest reviews
  • Website of the hotel

It’s the search engine ranking of your hotel that decides your visibility online across all digital channels. Once you put in efforts to produce quality content, sync with algorithms, and increase your website’s engagement with visitors, you gain search engine ranking. With the right hotel digital marketing strategies, you get quality traffic, genuine leads, social media reach, and consequently, a surge in bookings.

In a nutshell, digital marketing for hotels can boost your sales and solve most of your business problems.

With an expert hotel marketing plan of Karma Snack digital marketing experts, you can boost the growth of your hotel business exponentially.

Hotel Marketing

Importance of Online Hotel Marketing for Your Hotel

With the advancement of technology, hotels need to adapt to new technology and marketing strategies so that they do not miss out on business opportunities.

The hotel industry is known to keep up with the trends set by the public. They quickly adapt to customers’ changing behavior and preferences and work to attract more clients by offering expected services.

Since every hotel leader is putting in the best efforts to align with the industry standards, your ignorance can lead your business to fall behind. It is important to adopt the right online hotel marketing strategies to survive the competitive niche. Another reason to adopt digital marketing is that customers are now tech-savvy. They scroll instinctively and depend on the internet for their routine things. If you do not make an appearance where a big chunk of users is present, you lose a large volume of customers.

Elements of SEO for Hotels

Hotel Website Optimization

The website of your hotel is your hotel’s e-home. It should mirror the quality and professionalism of your services. A good website with relevant and informative content is what attracts the customers. Therefore, website optimization is necessary to rank in top searches and improve website traffic. It involves including targeted keywords, quality images, engaging videos, authoritative content to your website that describes your services and specialties.

Hotel SEO Positioning

To increase your reach to customers, your hotel website needs to have the most powerful tool: SEO. With the smart usage of this robust tool, you can easily drive traffic to the website. The most beneficial thing about it is that after the initial implementation of SEO, it generates revenue continuously, and its results can be seen throughout time.

Hotel Content Marketing

Content is the key player when it comes to marketing. When exploring new places, content, in any form – be it blogs, photos, videos, social media memes, infographics, case studies, is what attracts people to your business.

Hotel Social Media Presence

Social networks are the most winsome medium of communication between clients and the hotel because they can bring significant traffic. Who doesn’t know the power of social media reach? It allows you to engage with your guests and encourage them to share their positive experiences during the hotel stay. It is a platform to share surrounding spots of attraction, events, and nightlife and be a resource to guests and locals. A report suggests that people below the age of 34 look for suggestions on Facebook before they finalize their bookings.

Hotel Email Marketing

With the help of databases of a hotel, it is possible to take different actions to advertise promotions and promote customer loyalty. With the right email marketing, you can keep your avenues to persuade a customer through deals and offers over time. The more customer data you have, the better will be your email marketing.

Hotel Online Advertising

Well-planned paid campaigns are a fundamental technique to gain exposure among the unexplored section of the audience. You can direct the quality traffic to the website, and convert them into reservations.

Hotel Reputation Management

Online reputation management is the practice of monitoring and influencing how your hotel is perceived over the web. It allows you to keep track of and analyze what a potential guest, partners, and travel agents discover about your hotel, services, amenities, and staff when they see you online.

Benefits of Digital Marketing Service for Hotels

Enhanced Brand Awareness

With the help of SEO optimization, marketers aim at improving the position of the website in search engine results. It means you can reach a highly visible point of the internet, with content that shows what your hotel has to offer people. This way, your hotel brand can gain awareness with a strategy that does not require media investments.

Increased Web Traffic

Hotel digital marketing can increase your web traffic by ensuring that the website of your hotel appears in relevant searches to draw in visitors. Location-based keywords help improve the search engine ranking.

Quality Leads

Digital marketing is one of the best ways to generate quality leads. Regularly posting informative and relevant good quality content on the website and social media channels allow you to engage with your visitors before they enter your sales cycle.

Acquisition and Retention of Customers

Digital marketing provides a plethora of opportunities to acquire new customers. With the right strategies, you can reach out to existing customers via channels like email and social media that improve customer retention and brand loyalty.

Increase in Profits and ROI

Online marketing methods involve effective after-service plans too that let you know the satisfaction level of the customers. The more satisfied the customers are, the more revenue you will generate. Your hotel business accelerates and generates more profits.

Karma Snack Hotel SEO – New Technology

New technology helps a hotel extraordinarily in achieving the expected revenue results.

For communication and client relationship management with the hotel, the internet plays a fundamental role. It offers the possibility of improving the knowledge of the hotel in this regard.

Direct online sales help to obtain the preferential data of customers that helps the hotels to prioritize their choices.

When you integrate the data into the hotel’s CRM (Customer Relationship Management) via the internet, it segments into different groups of customer information. It helps in providing personalized hotel service.

Moreover, it is important to calculate the value of each client. The meticulous and organized data determine the average expenditure per client. It is the key information to decide the best-personalized marketing action to take for each of them.

The internet plays an important role and allows the hotels to know what can be the best offerings for the customers before, during, and after their stay. Additionally, our hotel marketing ideas 2021 can help you improve the overall experience of your clients. You can introduce new facilities such as electronic check-in, personalized information, personalized offers, and more.

In short, we can affirm that digital marketing for hotels elevates the general perception of the hotel’s brand image and improves its revenue.

Ready to Begin Online Hotel Marketing With Us to Earn More Revenue? Contact Us!

Digital marketing provides you with an insight into the purchase journey of your customers and allows you to fill in the loopholes in your marketing methods. digital marketing and its benefits for your business. Give the idea of this advanced marketing model a chance, adopt digital marketing for your hotel, and witness the rocketing growth.

Connecting with our hotel SEO team at Karma Snack is a good first step. Contact us to know more about our hotel marketing services and how we can help you with the growth of your hotel business.


How can I use Digital Marketing to Increase my Hotel Presence?

This is where Karma Snack comes in. Our hotel digital marketing experts design tailored, creative digital marketing strategies to increase your hotel’s online presence and retain customers.

Our strategies are as analytical as segmentation and as engaging as creative marketing campaigns.

Digital Marketing is so Vast. Which Digital Platform should I Target?

Now that you have reached us, you don’t have to brainstorm about it. We take complete responsibility to take care of your hotel business. Our experts examine your business, discuss your long-term goals and consider budget restraints to prepare a combination of the most effective platforms for you.

Does my Hotel need an Online Presence?

Looking at today’s digital era – yes. Everything exists online eliminating the barriers of distance globally. You need to be like the modern world- quick and smart.

With Karma Snack digital hotel marketing services, you don’t just exist online, you thrive. You can experience increasing your reach to the target customers and gaining recognition and rewards.

How long does it take to get my hotel’s Website to rank high for our Keywords?

There is no way to tell the exact duration, but the hotel marketing specialist at Karma Snack can make a guesstimate considering several factors.

The first factor that is out of your control is the age of your domain. You have to start from zero if your website is new. It means your site has no visit history, probably no backlinks, or anything that indicates to Google that your site is important. Such sites need a comparatively longer time. However, late is better than never.

Another factor that affects your target and competition. If your competition level is high, you will take longer to get on page 1. We recommend our clients start with a small and easily attainable target. It helps them to earn trust and authority with Google easily.

Remember, your rank majorly depends on competition, keywords, and location. Digital marketing is a marathon where you need to be patient to reach your long-term goals. The earlier you start, the lesser competition you have to face, and the quicker you reach your goals.

Is Social Media Engagement enough to get Good Leads?

Social media engagement is, indeed, a big part of online hospitality marketing but it solely is never enough. You build your powerful presence on the internet with a combination of several elements – website, paid advertisements, blogs, email marketing, and others. All the digital marketing factors are important to drive more customers to your hotel through online mediums.

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