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In marketing I’ve seen only one strategy that can’t miss — and that is to market to your best customers first, your best prospects second and the rest of the world last.
– John Romero

Karma Snack, a digital agency, knows how to increase traffic and they know how to stimulate that traffic to convert to leads, sales or phone calls.

Karma Snack is dedicated to increasing conversion rates for their clients by constantly learning cutting-edge techniques and augmenting their testing procedures, along with other powerful processes that increase the efficacy of
a website’s call to action.

There are numerous opportunities for a business to present a call to action. These may include requesting potential customers to fill a short form for more information, a customer making a purchase on an e-commerce shopping site, the invitation to make a phone call, and other types of lead generating and contact forms on the site. Karma Snack knows how to measure and track those results to learn much critical information that clarifies the demographics of a website.

Armed with the invaluable knowledge of who is responding to a website, that population can then be given more attention to increase that niche, or, conversely, the client’s website – or websites – appeal can be developed to expand to other demographic sets.

Karma Snack, a digital agency, knows how to increase traffic and they know how to stimulate that traffic to convert to leads, sales or phone calls.

Karma Snack manifests increased conversions by doing the following:

Conversion-Producing Tests
Karma Snack uses A/B testing and multivariate testing to discover who is visiting a website. They also employ sophisticated technologies such as mouse scrolling, hovering, clicking, heat maps and eye tracking to learn how users interact with a website. This testing is on-going, with continual finessing and fine-tuning of every aspect of a website to assure that it produces conversions. You need to focus on quality score.

Optimal Performance from Web Pages
Imagery, font size, font type and other subtle nuances of a webpage affect its performance. Karma Snack works tirelessly to confirm that these details work together for the most successful results.

Optimal Performance in Pay Per Click Campaigns
When mounting a Pay Per Click – PPC – campaign, Karma Snack attends to every detail including keywords, adgroups, adcopy, landing pages, layout, quality score and images.

Typical conversion rates for PPC campaigns fall in the 2 to 3 percent range, but Karma Snack’s PPC campaign results range from 10 to 25 percent and more, due to their continuous testing and development.

Optimizal Viral Marketing
Viral digital marketing spells success. When a website or web page goes viral, product sales associated with it skyrocket. Karma Snack knows the workings of social media inside and out, including the most common ones such as Facebook and Twitter and also less familiar ones that often have a significant niche population, such as Merchant Circle, Yelp or LinkedIn. Testing a website’s social media population informs Karma Shack what viral campaign will be successful within which social media realm.

Karma Snack Spells Success
The foregoing methods work because Karma Snack builds the foundation of outstanding marketing and business SEO and local SEO for every client, actively developing conversions on an ongoing basis.

Contact Karma Snack
Karma Snack is available to answer any questions and invites website owners to contact them to become further acquainted with their world-class services.

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