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When it comes to the wide array of online marketing services, no one out-performs Karma Snack. Karma Snack’s marketing services continue to stand out to others and have proven to show maximum results for clients. Call Today and speak with an experienced marketer today what is right for your business.



  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization-  Over 100,000 rankings achieved

  • Paid Advertising / Pay Per Click (PPC) / Adwords-  Max budget managed – 2.5m monthly

  • Social Media Marketing- Highest Traffic volume- 2.1m Users

  • Search-Friendly Web Content and Architecture- Brands- AT&T, Verizon and more

  • Affiliate Programming Development- Total Affiliates acquired for a campaign- 22,000

  • Competitive Analysis- Commissioned by the Panama to develop their online tourism models

  • Site Surveyance- Total website analysis- over 4,000

  • Local Search Listing and Optimization- Out performed Yellow pages and Reach Local

  • Keyword Research-  Patent pending proprietary Keyword research tools

  • Blogging-  Traffic from content management 10m Unique Users

  • Online Reputation Management – Patent pending on unique methodology to remove negative information from search engines

  • Analytics- Certified in 5 Major analytical platforms, Govt. certified.

We use analytics to measure a multiple of online performance dimensions. The data we gather paints a picture of your prospect’s and customer’s behavior patterns within your website. In concert with our marketing and communications intelligence, our analytic tools enable us to target areas of waste and profit across your online landscape. Other capabilities in our toolbox enables us to concert analytic data into next level online advancements. In very simple terms, the idea is to use analytics to jettison waste and further enhance zones of profitability.

Our team has served a variety of companies ranging from individual retailers to well known global brands. We’ll gladly provide you private access to this information if you are interested.


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