Conversion Optimization

Conversion Optimization

Conversion optimization is a way of increasing website leads and sales by reducing the site’s visitor bounce rate. Karma Snack is a leader in the field of conversion optimization. They monitor website pages, pay per click campaigns, banner ads and all components of a client’s online marketing approach to assure that web visitors request a catalog, fill out a form, send an email, make a phone call or make a purchase.

Karma Snack optimizes every aspect of every web page for their clients with a focus on reaching their conversion goals. They test header tags, title tags, keywords, key phrases, landing pages, target demographics, price points, images, photos, audio and visual media and media campaigns, color schemes and the power and effectiveness of the brand message. They produce a seamless whole that is attractive, appropriate and trust-worthy for the customer or potential customer.

Known for their innovative and cutting edge approach, Karma Snack utilizes several tests that increase conversions on a continual basis. They employ A/B Split Testing, Multivariate Testing, and Dynamic SEO, as well as other proprietary technologies that create a compelling, effective website that customers and potential customers like to visit. All of this adds up to profitable return on investment – ROI – for their clients.

Conversion optimization is central to an effective Internet marketing strategy. When developed correctly, it works to continually convert visitors to customers.

Extensive analysis of clients’ websites, goals, company metrics, their products or services, the relevant demographics and keywords the visitor is using are all components of effective conversion optimization. Then the conversion optimization techniques are employed on an ongoing, active basis, thus keeping at the leading edge of the client’s industry and ahead of the competition.

Some conversion optimization components include:

Determining optimization goals – Client’s goals are specifically defined, with the results of the optimization used to move toward those goals.

Data collecting and processing – hundreds of variables are rapidly and automatically sorted through, revealing the most effective components.

Learning curve – Once the testing has provided a set or sets of information that can be applied to the client’s business, it is of vital importance to assure that the results can be duplicated. Statistical methods come into play with techniques such as simulations, validation testing, control groups, variable selection and other techniques that help clarify the actual results as distinguished from chance circumstances.

Karma Snack’s team has been developing their conversion optimization science since 1995. Their intelligent and friendly team is waiting to discuss with you how they can improve your business conversions. Contact them today.

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