Neutral Colors and Websites Design

Neutral Colors and Websites Design

color-schemeWebsite colors can be bright, bold, and attention getting. For more conservative businesses, their websites may be better represented with more neutral colors. A website owner can test different colors together to see what will work. To optimize a website, a website owner may choose to hire a professional to design a website and help with Internet marketing.

Here are some neutral colors that can be used for websites and general information on the neutral colors.

WHITE is color that can be combined with any color

• Physical-aids in mental clarity
• Emotional-encourages clearing of clutter
• Reflects-new beginning, neutrality
• Symbolizes-purity, health care, truce

BROWN is an earthy and natural color

• Physical-supplies a feeling of wholeness
• Emotional-stability, orderliness, approachability
• Reflects-reliability
• Symbolizes-Halloween, self-discipline

GREY is a classic and perfectly neutral color

• Physical-unsettling, creates expectations
• Emotional-long lasting, conservative
• Reflects-refinement, sleekness, conservatism
• Symbolizes-dignity, intelligence, wisdom

BLACK is a strong color that is used in moderation

• Physical-restful, empty, sense of potential
• Emotional-authority, strong feelings
• Reflects-lack of color, sophistication
• Symbolizes-power, death

Using neutral colors doesn’t have to mean boring. The website design can bring interest and attention to a website that best reflects the business’ with the use of neutral colors.

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