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Although, product marketing has been around since the 7 P’s, it’s become more complex yet simple at the same time with the science of internet marketing. The need for physical products have become less and less needed as more digital products take their place because they are more instantaneous and can be used on any kind of computer via download through PDF files.

With all product marketing and social media, make sure you cater to the specific niche you are using. So if you have a site about video games then do something related to gaming, but make it clear to the reader what kind of gaming to separate yourself from other brands or sites. Having a freebie product to provide an incentive to your subscribers will definitely help in the long run. For example, maybe you have a popular free game to download and they’ll get the link to it once they subscribe to the site. This will entice them to not only subscribe but they’ll look forward to more products when you finally do sell your products.

It’s a lot easier to promote with the streaming traffic coming in because of your back links and article writing loaded with key terms that place high on the search engine. Different marketing sites have a lot of this information available as well as different products you can sale with statistics on how well the conversion rates do on sites. This is pretty important information to have when you get a considerable amount of contacts on your email list so you know what kind of products to market as well as the price they’ll pay for it. Maybe offer them a special rate or discount on items to entice them to buy faster. Also, a little incentive when they buy will make them buy more. It’s a good way of not only getting your prospects to buy but to stay in contact regularly.

Sometimes, sending out a weekly or monthly newsletter will let them know any changes or things to look out for on your site. This is also a good way to advertise from time to time. Additionally, you can have a main page with a sales letter or link/blog to see what new product or service you have to offer, so your visitors will be more inclined to click. Product marketing sites have solid ways to help you with type of promotion.