Color and Image For Your Website

Color and Image For Your Website

color-psychologyYour company’s colors help you to present the image that best represents your company. With so many color choices and combinations, it can be overwhelming to any business owner. It can be a challenge for new business owners and for established business owners who are ready to improve their image. With a team of experienced Miami Internet marketers like the ones at, it can be easy to choose the colors that present a professional and accurate image of the business.

Below is some general information about some basic colors. Once the basic colors are chosen, the shades and intensity of the colors can be determined.


Red-a powerful and attention-getting color choice.

• Physical-raise blood pressure, cause perspiration
• Emotional-passion, lust, love, anger
• Reflects-energy, motivation, heat
• Symbolizes-love, fire, blood, war, violence, aggression
• Softened (pink)-romantic, calm, feminine

Orange-a vibrant and fun color choice

• Physical-stimulates appetite stimulates activity and encourages socialization
• Emotional-mild passion and strong opinion
• Reflects-autumn/fall season
• Symbolizes-pumpkins, Halloween, and health

Yellow-a bright and happy color choice

• Physical-activates memory stimulates the nervous system, stimulates mental processing
• Emotional-positiveness, optimism
• Reflects-happiness, warmth, weakness, cowardice
• Symbolizes-energy, enlightenment, sunshine


Green-a highly accepted color choice

• Physical-relaxes alleviates anxiety, stimulates self-control
• Emotional-soothing, comforting
• Reflects-nature, harmony, jealousy
• Symbolizes-growth, money, fertility, health, renewal

Blue-a common favorite color choice

• Physical-suppresses appetite cools, stimulates intuition
• Emotional-trust, reassuring, calming
• Reflects-commitment, dependability, coldness, sadness
• Symbolizes-sea, sky, spiritualness, insight

Purple-an intriguing and rich color choice

• Physical-uplifts, calming, stimulates creativity
• Emotional-peace, uplifting, uneasiness
• Reflects-mystery, spiritualness
• Symbolizes-royalty, creativity
• Softened (lavender)-romance, nostalgia

It can be tempting to just choose your favorite color when it comes to picking out the colors for your business website, but consulting with an experienced Internet marketing services company is recommended. Doing so will help you to choose the colors and color combinations that look good on the Internet and accurately reflect your business’ image. Karma Snack has experienced and skilled web designers and Internet marketers ready to help you with your color choices for your website.

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