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Efficient and Effective Internet Business


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Efficient and Effective Internet Business

Efficient & Effective Internet Marketing Business

It is not enough for a business to be efficient, it is necessary … but it is not enough. The business must also function effectively. A smoothly run office is good, but if the office team doesn’t effectively execute the tasks at hand, the office will be of no value to the business. On the other hand when an efficiently run office effectively processes information, gets orders out in a timely manner, and satisfies customer’s needs, then the efficient office has value to the business because it is effective.

Different B/W Efficient & Effective Online Business

The difference between just being efficient and being efficient and effective is clear when looking at phone service as an example. There are many phone options that are efficient and allow communication between two people that are separated. The phones used can be a landline phone, a cell phone, a cable company phone, or an Internet phone. The costs and accessibility of the phones vary. An Internet phone like, Skype, costs very little per year, while a landline phone like one with a company like AT & T may have a higher cost. The problem with Internet phones and landlines phones is that they must be used at the office while a cell phone can be used almost anywhere. Some Internet phone services can be used anywhere there is wireless. All phone options are efficient, but the effectiveness of a specific phone option is dependent on the needs of the business and what its priorities are. A business with a high number of long-distance calls can lower costs by eliminating calls from a landline and making calls over the Internet while maintaining efficiency. This change makes phone service efficient and effective in lowering costs. For employees that are out of the office, providing employees with cell phones is efficient and is effective in providing employee accessibility.

The Efficiency of a Website Determine By:

When evaluating a business’s effectiveness, one of the areas that will need to be evaluated is the business’s online presence. The following should be included in an evaluation of the efficiency of a website:

  • Site image
  • Navigation of website
  • Sale processing
  • Presentation of information.
  • Design

The effectiveness of the website can be determined by the following:

  • Is on the first few pages when relevant keywords are searched
  • Has a high number of visitors
  • High conversion rate
  • A large number of incoming links
  • The branding is successful

So what should a business do when their website is efficient but not effective or even worse – the website is neither efficient nor effective? They should immediately pinpoint the problems and set up an action plan to remedy the situation.

Contact Karma Snack For Help for your Business

The evaluation can be done by getting a free website analysis from Karma Snack. If a business doesn’t have staff with the skills to set up an action plan to solve the problems of lack of efficiency and effectiveness of their online presence, an Internet marketing company, like Karma Snack should be hired. Their professional team is both efficient and effective in producing results.