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How to Incorporate Viral Marketing into your Internet Marketing Campaign


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Incorporate Viral Marketing into your Internet Marketing Campaign

Viral marketing is not referring to illness; it is describing the person-to-person spread of information. Before modern technology, word-of-mouth was how people communicated about good and bad businesses. It would appear that things have come full circle. With modern technology and social networks, there is a twist, the sheer number of people that can pass along information, and the speed that information can be spread. This can happen naturally, like when a funny video is passed around and receives a record number of views. It can also be planned and incorporated into an Internet marketing campaign.

No one is sure why the term viral marketing stuck

No one is sure why the term viral marketing stuck when referring to the spread of information on the Internet. Rapidly multiplying messages that are passed along social networks can give exposure that doesn’t have to be paid for each time someone new sees the message or video. It is an amazing entity that can explode a business to thousands, hundreds of thousands, and even millions in record time.

Elements of viral marketing

The elements of viral marketing include the following: something worth sharing (free offer, an unusual event, etc), effortless or low effort ways to share (one post is seen by many), existing communication (YouTube, Twitter, etc) is utilized, and it uses other’s resources (friends on MySpace, Facebook, etc.).

You can get big results by combining a free offer, funny video, or unusual information with social networks like the following well-known ones:

  • Facebook
  • MySpace
  • Twitter
  • Digg
  • YouTube

Using social networks can be the start of a lot of exposure for a company and it can also strengthen branding. Social networks like LinkedIn, Yelp, and Merchant Circle that target businesses can also be used.

Viral marketing

Viral marketing can be incorporated into an Internet marketing campaign by using stealth marketing. This is a type of viral marketing pushes your website under the radar of the competition and moves your website out in front.


Word of mouth through social networking is very effective, but it does take much more work and a higher level of creativity to get the word out.

Viral SEO marketing

Viral SEO marketing is part of the viral marketing campaign that will increase the ranking of the website.

A customized viral marketing campaign can be very effective when coordinated and implemented in a professional way by an experienced marketing company. It is also very cost-effective. Viral marketing costs less than radio advertisements, newspaper ads, and TV advertisements.

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