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What is Linkedin? Explained.

LinkedIn is the most successful business-oriented social media networking site in the world. Started in 2003, by March 2011 there were more than 238 million registered LinkedIn users. Linkedin is currently available in 20 languages with registered users located in over 200 countries or territories around the world. In June 2011, LinkedIn saw an increase of 64 percent in unique visitors over the previous year, for a total of 33.9 million visitors. Their user growth rate is double the rate of Facebook.


How To Attract Employers On LinkedIn?

Users put up their photos and make statements about their experience and goals to establish a relationship with peer professionals and to attract appropriate employment options. Employers list positions and criteria to attract appropriate candidates. In this way, the user develops a list of professional contacts and relevant information concerning them. The people on the list are called Connections.

This is a valuable professional list in several important ways. First of all, it’s truly a network in that it consists of the user’s direct connections and the connections of those connections to 2 further levels. The subsequent level is referred to as second-degree connections and the next level is referred to as third-degree connections. These connections serve as a means of accessing what amounts to an introduction to the people who are at the second- or third-degree. A user can request an introduction to someone through a mutual acquaintance.

Aspects of LinkedIn That Make You Attractive

There are many aspects of LinkedIn that make it attractive to the career-oriented individual or the business owner. The dynamic power of LinkedIn can move business and its products and services into the consciousness of extremely important connections. Any astute business owner can see this needs to be handled by an experienced Internet marketing services such as Karma Snack. They’ve been working with LinkedIn since its inception and have an expert awareness of the subtleties of its workings.

It is also possible to have a LinkedIn business account, which offers even more opportunities and options.

Trust has been built into LinkedIn because of the respect for its users with the gate-keeping set-up. LinkedIn also offers the feature LinkedIn Answers that gives its users the chance to ask questions of a sophisticated and knowledgeable professional community.


Another feature is LinkedIn Recommendations. Here an individual can make a detailed commentary about someone they’ve had professional contact with. A business owner would do well to study LinkedIn recommendation examples.

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