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A lot of businesses want to make money from their websites. People hear of how money is being earned online and want to get a piece of it. The idea of working from home and having money come in while they go about their lives is appealing. However, this doesn’t always happen; it takes work and it takes time.  With this in mind, here are some money-making ideas for your website. It is best to focus on one or two and get those going efficiently. While waiting for the results, choose a couple more to focus on. You will want to revisit and evaluate the original income-producing strategies while developing new ones.


You may want to consider creating space on your website where other businesses, with complementary products and services, can post their banners or ads.  This is especially ideal for those websites that get a lot of traffic from the SEO work that they have done. A website owner can charge a monthly fee for the use of the space on the website. The fee will be based on the traffic that the website receives and the size of the ad.


Another idea is to sell insightful information and expert advice.  You could charge either a recurring or an annual fee for this work. The information and advice can come from articles and resources only available to those who subscribe.

White Papers And E-books

Sell white papers and ebooks to your visitors.  This is good for a one-time fee as they will oftentimes be willing to pay to download such information. When a customer is happy with the results, they will buy other white papers and ebooks.


Make sure that you have high-quality pictures and text to describe the products and services you are selling so that your customers know precisely what they are purchasing. Many companies have all the promotional material ready for products or services and will make it available to you when you promote the product or service. They will then pay you a percentage of sales or pay you per lead.


Offer other website owners a commission if they promote and sell your products and services.  This will bring in additional traffic, sales, and leads. You will want to have the code for links, ads, and banners available. The design should be professional and the code easy to ad to the website or blog.

Surveys And Polls

Collect information from those who are purchasing your products and services.  This data can be used in a multitude of ways to promote your website. You can build an email list of customers that are interested in your product or service. You can use the email list to send product and service information, newsletters, etc.

Mailing Lists

Collect the emails of consumers and businesses and then use them yourself or offer to sell them to others for a small fee. You should make it clear that this is what you are doing with a customer’s email. They should have the option to receive or not receive emails from other related companies.


Host a webinar.  Have people register for it beforehand at your website.  Make sure that you provide them with information, tools, and resources that will help with their success during that webinar. If you are not well known, you may need to offer a couple of webinars for free and then you can charge for them later when word gets around that they provide valuable and useful information.

Link Sharing

Take some time to exchange links with other websites that are selling products or services that are similar in nature to yours.  Avoid products or services from your competitors. Link exchanging is a great way to get more traffic that you can convert into paying customers.

To find more about how to make sure your website is using all the tools available to make sure your website is reaching its full income potential, contact the professionals at Karma Snack Internet Marketing Company.