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Karma Snack eCommerce POS Integration

Integrated Point Of Sales Systems

The internet provides the opportunity to have the world at the door of a business around the clock, every day of the year, holidays included. However, this apparent advantage has its challenges. Once the customer or potential customer has responded to a call to action, the next step is to support and encourage the customer to make a purchase. This point of sale process cannot have any glitches or challenges for customers that will cause them to leave.

Karma Snack, a top-notch marketing consulting firm, has a superlative point of sale system. It not only keeps the customer engaged in the purchasing process, but saves the business vast amounts of time and money.

Karma Snack’s P.O.S. system allows the business owner to effortlessly upload and sync inventory from their own computer system. Then the P.O.S. technology attaches real-time numbers to every item – completely accessible to the business owner – providing information regarding how much inventory there is and where it is at any moment in time.

The benefits of the P.O.S. system are numerous. It is next generation, point of sale software that provides a centralized database of product, pricing, description and other important parameters. A business can sync products with both brick and mortar retailers as well as online stores. It integrates inventory and provides a real time flow of information.

The user-friendly back end software syncs inventory levels across all locations, both virtual and physical and offers scanners and computer terminals for all storeroom, warehouse and retail locations.

Coordinating Business

Even though the internet offers the potential for sales increasing dramatically, the potential for loss can increase even more dramatically if tracking inventory is not handled by the most sophisticated means. A system must be in place to make sure that all inventory is tracked and accounted for.

But coordinating inventory in the current multidimensional world of commerce requires a multidimensional approach. Online stores, brick and mortar retail locations and customers must all be included, integrated and organized. Karma Snack’s P.O.S. software handles every detail of ever-growing commerce.

Increasing Cost Savings

When a business spends time and money uploading and updating hundreds, even thousands, of products, this is time and money taken away from the process of growing the business. Growth is fore-stalled and creativity is ignored. It’s wise business intelligence to automate in order to invest the time and money into the growth of the business rather than tracking every product item.

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