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Pros and Cons of Social Network Marketing


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Pros & Cons of Social Network Marketing - Karma Snack

Social networking is the modern equivalent of the old time networking groups.  They are quite powerful, which is why they make the news almost everyday.  Not only does the content make the news and there are segments dedicated to the best of the posts on these social networks, almost show and celebrity has a link to their social network address. While websites like Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter have taken the world by storm, you may be wondering about all of the hype.

Social Marketing Allows For Networking

Networking is the key to a successful business.  This is how the majority of deals are made, jobs are won, sales are made, and wealth is created thanks to the power of rapport and meeting up with the right people at the right time.  Thanks to social networking this can be done faster than you could possibly even imagine. It also expands the network opportunities. No longer is networking just done locally, it is now done globally.

Social Marketing Helps Build Branding

Social networking helps with branding, creating popularity, and unleashing the true power of word-of-mouth marketing.  The things that people say about your brand on these websites can truly affect your company and your brand in several different ways. A good product or service can be well known quickly. On the other hand it can also be detrimental quickly if the information being spread is negative or damaging.

Social Marketing Gives Your Brand A Voice

The different types of social media, including blogging, will allow you to give your company a voice and thus help it to become well known. This is also a way in which you will be able to interact with all of your customers, vendors, competitors and media contacts seamlessly.  Of course, you will also be able to communicate with any potential ones as well.

The Drawbacks To Social Marketing

As with every good thing, there must be some drawbacks to consider too.  The drawbacks here include:

  • Using social networking websites will take a lot of time and effort.
  • This can be outsourced, but some actually input from the business owner is important. Any negative consequences can be extreme because once the bad word spreads, it is very difficult to control. It may get to the point that professional reputation management may be needed to repair the damage or to re-brand.
  • Not all types of businesses do well with social networking. It is worth testing the waters. Give it some time before deciding it will not be effective with your particular business.

Trying to maneuver through all the different Internet marketing strategies available can become confusing to many Internet business owners. This is why many businesses turn to a profession and experienced Internet marketing company like Karma Snack. Internet marketing companies can use their experience and can effectively include social media marketing in their marketing campaign. The can also provide branding services and reputation management services. To find out more about what Karma Snack can do for your business, contact them today and request a free proposal.