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Under the Anthill - Karma Snack

Ants have long amazed humans with their strength and organization skills complete with a chain of command. Watching a stream of ants traveling in and out of their anthill can be impressive in itself as they transport large heavy pieces to the anthill entrance, but a real show of their skill is all underground, out of sight, and hidden beneath the anthill. A successful website is very similar to an anthill; the real work is behind the scenes and not visible by simply looking at the website.

The website design should be professional, represent the image of the company, be functional, easy to navigate, and eye-catching. The visitors’ needs for information and ease of contact should be met. This is usually pretty easy to accomplish. There are a large number of talented web designers available at all price ranges. The real skill when it comes to Internet marketing is under the anthill, behind the scenes. A professional and skilled Internet marketing company will provide the following to assure that a website is efficient and effective:

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)-promoting websites by increasing visibility in search engines
  • Search Engine Optimizing-increasing traffic and the quality of traffic to a website by using natural and organic means
  • Viral Marketing-using “word-of-mouth” by using social networking (Facebook, Digg, Myspace, Youtube, etc.)
  • Lead generation and management-getting quality leads and following up with them
  • Newsletters-current and updated information of interest to website visitors
  • Branding-defining business by creating a recognizable website, logo, and image
  • Competition analysis-comparing competitors services, products, and Internet presence
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)-getting the most return on investment
  • Lead management-managing contact from potential customers

There is a reason that some businesses show up on page one of the popular search engines like Google, it is because there is a team of professionals that are working behind the scenes to make it happen. As the colony of ants hard at work under the anthill, an experienced Internet marketing company like Karma Snack will work hard behind the scenes to not only make sure that you have a professionally designed website, they will provide the services needed to make sure the business has a strong Internet presence.