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website redesign

Once you decide it is time to change your website, you can do it gradually and make small changes or do a dramatic website re-design with a website re-launch. Which way you go will depend on the types of changes you will make and how current visitors will accept change.

If you are making a few changes and it is basically a refreshing of the website, you don’t have to make a big deal out of it. Maybe a few little starbursts with “new” in them to draw attention to the changes will be sufficient. If your website design is fairly new, there shouldn’t need to be any drastic and dramatic changes. Some small changes that can make a big difference on an established website:

  • Updated content
  • New colors
  • Images and videos added
  • Updated shopping carts
  • New links to related information

For older outdated sites, a dramatic redesign is probably a good idea to update and refresh your website. You will probably want to add things like maps, shopping carts, more content, and maybe even update the website colors. Navigation can usually be improved on a website to improve a visitors experience with your website. The best way to get those visitors who are accustomed to your website as it is, to accept the change is to prepare them. Make a big deal out of setting a date of the change and have a re-launch of the website. Give visitors plenty of time to prepare for the changes. If you have the same color scheme, sometimes that can help with the transition.

Using social media networks like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and Myspace, you can create a buzz about the new design for the website.

To make sure all your files are transferred safely from the old website design to the new website design, you will probably want to have a professional website designer do that for you.

When you are ready to redesign your website and look into taking your website to the next level, contact Karma Snack, an Internet marketing company with experience in professionally designed websites that are search engine friendly. They offer all the services you need to market your website and re-launch your website.