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Website split testing is defined as the process of showing two or more versions of the same page so that you can see the difference in results.  It is one of many services that an Internet marketing company will provide. Some businesses choose to do it themselves. For instance, a split test may opt to split test two different sales letters in order to see where you will get the most sales.  Also a split test can test numerous banner advertisements in order to see which one will generate the most clicks.

What Split Testing Can Do For You

The scientific process of split testing will help you to increase the response rate of your website.  In turn this will help to increase your profits that your website generates without increasing the amount of traffic.

Manual Split Testing

There are numerous ways in which you can do split testing.  One very simple way in which to do it is by creating two copies of the page that you want to test and then use JavaScript or PHP in order to rotate these two pages.  You can find a lot of free code snippets online that will allow you to do this.  However, this method makes it difficult to track results and may even make it difficult for the search engines to determine precisely how your website should be indexed.

Split Testing Applications

Another way to do split testing is by using an application that is available for webmasters use.  This will increase the amount of control that you have over the tests and the clarity of the results that you receive.

Google Website Optimizer

The most popular option for static websites is the Google Website Optimizer.  This will allow you to test multiple options.

Split Testing With WordPress

If you are using WordPress, then you should know that adding some code to this program could be troublesome.  However, there is a plugin, which is known as WP Split Tester.  This plugin will allow you to split test your affiliate advertisements, any pre-sales that you make, your sales pages and other such information.

Internet marketing companies like Karma Snack have the experience to run effective and efficient split tests. They also know how to analyze the results and develop a campaign that gets results. Contact them today for a free proposal and find out more about the Internet marketing services that are available.