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Why are SEO Companies so Expensive?


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This question can actually be put another way: What are the Search Engine Optimization services worth to you? Internet Marketing and SEO provide the most important aspects of business today. ROI. Most business owners operate a Web site. But, what are some of the benefits you can enjoy with Internet marketing and SEO for the high price that you’ll pay?

1. Internet Users (85%of them) rely on search to find what they are looking for. Almost 90% of them only look through the first couple of pages of results. If a keyword is typed in and your site comes up on the first few pages of the search results, you have a better chance that they will click on your site and see what your products and services. This advantage is worth the Marketing price you pay for. It can create true traffic and value to your company for years to come.

2. The proof is in the pudding, 90% of the Web sites that come up first in the search engine results are regarded as an authority by almost all users and Search Engines. Users trust the products and services provided by your website, the brand, and improve the overall image of the company owning the Web site. A well-structured SEO campaign can actually create a brand!

3. If your SEO campaign goes well, you will more than likely spend less on other marketing initiatives. Search engine optimization can boost your site’s traffic and increase conversions.

Key summary, the key benefits of Search Engine Optimization services price are: geo-targeted traffic, increased visibility, increase brand exposure, and better return on your marketing investment. Internet Marketing and SEO is expensive because the results you get are like no other.

SEO prices are high for a reason. Optimizing a site can be difficult to do. A great SEO company should be able to build from scratch a search engine friendly Web site design. This requires a high level of skill and research into demographics, keywords, and how to position your website so that you can compete and outperform other competitors.

Search Engine Marketing (Pay per click) is low because it doesn’t take a significant time to drive traffic and sales. SEO can take anywhere from two months to a year for your website to achieve top ten search engine rankings.

However, the investment into SEO is well worth it, since it will drive a positive return for your company.

Dirt cheap SEO price makes no sense. Consider what it would cost to hire someone internally and multiple that times 4 now do you think you can get SEO for $99? Remember cheap SEO typically can get you way can get you penalized or even worse, banned from search engines.

SEO is not a complicated matter, it’s not difficult to budget and execute an SEO campaign.

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