Widgets and Web 2.0

Widgets and Web 2.0

Widgets and Web 2.0With web 2.0 technologies people are sharing all kinds of information through sites like Facebook, Myspace, Youtube, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Bloggers are becoming more sophisticated and including things like videos and ads on their blogs in addition to simple links to information of interest to their viewers. How is this happening with the ease of copying and pasting? The use of widgets make all this possible.

A widget is a section of code that is easily copied from one site and added to another site. It is easy to reuse the code. The widgets are also known as the following:

  • Gadget
  • Badge
  • Module
  • Webjit
  • Capsule
  • Snippet
  • Mini
  • Flake

A widgets placement is decided by the website or blog owner, but the content of the widget is decided by the widget creator. The widgets often come with directions to easily implement them in the website code. Blogs like WordPress are set up to easily add code by the blog owner. They also have lots of support for anyone who has trouble adding a widget. On websites widgets have many uses including the following:

  • Payment (Paypal) button
  • Clock widget
  • Count down widget
  • Advertisements (Adsense) widget
  • Social network widget
  • Photo widget
  • Video (Youtube) widget

With widgets, when someone had information that they want to share like a photo or video, widgets make it easy. Companies who want to make ads easy for website owners to put up on their site will create widgets for website owners to use.

Bloggers often use widgets more than website owners because they are more active on their sites and make changes more often. For websites, owners often have a website designer who will include widgets in the website design. Some of the widgets are for regular updates from sites like Facebook, Myspace, and LinkedIn to be available from websites.

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