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Brick and Mortar and the Internet


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Drive Traffic To Your Store From The Web Brick and mortar businesses can be successful without the Internet, but for how long? Internet business is of course dependent on the Internet, but what about brick and mortar businesses? When a business is run from a storefront or building, the owners may mistakenly believe that they don’t need the Internet.

There will be many original and older customers of the brick and mortar business that will never look to the Internet to locate a business or find out more about a business. As a business attracts new customers, more and more of these customers are very active on the Internet. Customers and potential customers aren’t limiting their access to the Internet when they are at home. With increasing access to the Internet on phones and the popularity of Wi-Fi being offered in coffee shops, bars, and restaurants, business owners can no longer ignore the fact that an Internet presence is critical to business success. Successful brick and mortar businesses without an Internet presence will risk losing an opportunity to reach a large number of potential customers.

A brick and mortar business can provide the following information about their business with a Professional Website:

  • Location address with directions and a map
  • Contact information
  • List of Services
  • Compatible services and products
  • Product use
  • Related services and product information
  • Prices

Paper phone books are being used less and less as people search the yellow pages and other directories for local businesses online. Busy customers don’t want to take the time to call and get the information that they need about a business when with a click there is access to all the information that is needed on the Internet.

There will always be brick and mortar businesses because some businesses need a physical address and the stability that it brings because their business provides the following:

  • Hands-on service (repair shops, health care, etc)
  • Entertainment
  • Immediate availability of merchandise (food, drinks, etc)
  • Sporting event
  • Food Service (restaurants)
  • Direct sale of merchandise

A brick and mortar company that doesn’t have a website or their website is not professionally done can benefit from hiring an Internet marketing company. An Internet marketing company like Karma Snack not only can design an eye-catching website that is easily navigated, but their experienced team can also make sure that the business is easily found when a potential customer searches the Internet, with search engine optimization (Miami SEO).