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What are the words in your articles and posts saying? Are they full of fluff and stuffed with so many keywords there’s no room for information? You got the information, but you just can’t write, so you hire someone and end up with articles that are fluffed and stuffed. So how do you get good articles for your websites and blogs?


First thing is to get some examples of the writing of any copywriter that you are considering. The examples can be from websites, blogs, or sent directly. Get more than one example. The material should seem like it is from the same writer. Different websites and blogs may require a different style of writing, but if there is a stark contrast in style and skill level of the writer, all the examples may not be from the same writer and it may not be from the copywriter you are considering hiring.


Find out if the writer writes all the copy his or her self. There is nothing wrong with a writing service that employs writers, but you should be informed if there are other writers. This can be a plus when it comes to delivering a large number of articles. It can also provide varied content from different writer’s perspectives. One way some writing services maintain consistency is that one writer will oversee and edit all articles. Find out who is doing the writing and the process that the copywriter follows when researching, writing, delivering, and invoicing article orders.


Payment can be tricky at first until trust on both ends is built up. Payment can be before or after the delivery of the articles. For very large orders, a partial payment may be expected upfront with the balance on delivery. It is best to use a safe method of payment like Paypal. There is a small fee, but it is a secure way to go and a copywriter can send invoices through Paypal. In addition, when paying writers from other countries, the currency is exchanged automatically. Start out with small orders and gradually increase the orders as trust is built, so if you make an error in judgment, you will reduce the amount of the loss.


Test the copy to be sure it is original. There are various ways to do that like with Copyscape. Some articles come from article directory services and are available for free, but it is a duplicate copy and it will affect ranking. It is best to spend the money on the original copy. When buying a copy, be sure you own all rights to it, so you can do what you want with it and the copy cannot be resold by the writer to other websites and blogs.

When setting up websites and blogs on your own, finding a trusted and talented copywriter is just one of the tasks that you will have. To have your website designed professionally with a copy from a skilled and trusted copywriter, you can hire an Internet marketing company like Karma Snack. They can be sure that you have a search engine optimized (SEO) website with a copy that has the perfect balance of keywords and information to get your website noticed and ranked.