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Frustrated With Lack of Website Traffic?


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Frustrated with Lack of Traffic

Lack of Website Traffic

Not getting traffic to your website doesn’t always mean that your website needs a redesign or new content. Sometimes it does of course, but if you know you got a good design, it’s search engine friendly, there’s great content, and your website is easy to navigate, leave it alone and focus on Internet marketing of your website. There are things you can do yourself or you can hire an Internet marketing company to do it for you. Below are listed a few marketing strategies:

Promote Your Website Offline

Promoting your website offline, it will involve paid advertisement. It can be advertisements in print, on the radio, or on television. Promoting a website offline can also include informational flyers that are handed out.

Become an Industry Expert

Become a member of chat rooms, forums, yahoo answers, and Google knoll. Once you are a member, have a link to your website in your signature and start answering questions. Don’t push your business, product, or service because you will be quickly shunned. Become a valuable member of the community that contributes valuable information by answering questions.

Submit Articles to Article Directories and Online Publications

Write the articles yourself or hire a copywriter to write the articles. Have solid informative content and add a link to your website. Use the keywords from the websites in your articles. Limit details in the information you provide to encourage the reader to visit your website for more information.

Join Free Social and Business Networking Sites

Some of the more popular ones include Facebook, Digg, Myspace, Linked In, Youtube, Bebo, and Twitter. If you can’t post often, you can hire someone who can.

Create a Personal Blog

Create a personal blog and post about your day-to-day activities, what is happening in your industry, and subjects that clients might want to hear you talk about in an informal environment. This will create trust and gives a face to your business and brand.

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