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Google’s 2016 New Panda update

Google’s 2016 Panda update is changed how SEO works. Even the ranking signals that have dominated the landscape over the past five years are shifting. New Google algorithm changes always present a challenge to those keeping up with the latest search marketing tactics. In this article, you’ll find practical tips to stay on top and dominate the competition.

What’s Working Today?

1. Backlinks are still very important ranking signals. There’s no question about that. However, there is an emphasis on the relevance and quality on the backlinks you have. If you have thousands of backlinks coming from spam sites and irrelevant forms, you’ll take a penalty from Google.

How do you find relevant, quality links? Use are a high-end SEO analytics site with a powerful free version available to anyone. You can target websites that have high domain authority and relevance to your field using their site explorer.

2. Images are powerful. This is equally true for any type of multimedia. Find a way to incorporate audio, video, or images into your pages and you’ll be seen as a quality source for Google to display to users. Keep in mind that Google’s mission. “Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.”

Their goal is to provide information that’s accessible and useful. This ties in well with point three.

3. To get picked up by Google, you need to match their intensity to provide a great user experience. If you’re promoting Miami digital marketing services but provide no true valuable content, you’re going to have a hard time getting ranked on Google. Never shout “buy me now” to an audience who doesn’t know who you are. That disgusts potential customers and makes a bad first impression. This where the power of content marketing comes into play. Develop Miami marketing videos, articles, and educational resources that deliver actual value. Value in this scenario is defined by solving a pain point for a particular person and enhancing the quality of their life. The worst thing you can do from a user experience standpoint is to force a sales pitch onto a customer who knows nothing about you and doesn’t trust you. You can have a sales page, but that’s not where new users should enter the website and learn about you. If you can deliver true value first through articles and other forms of educational material, you will see an increase in both sales and SEO rankings. Search Engine Market Share.

It’s all about user experience. Contact Karma Snack

The evolving nature of SEO means that no strategy will last forever. However, the ultimate goal of any online business owner should be to provide an excellent user experience. Doing so ensures that you stay on Google’s good side, provide excellent value to your potential clients, and increase the quality of your leads. A comprehensive approach to SEO doesn’t just improve a website’s ranking, it improves the quality of a company as a whole.

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