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Growing Your Online Newsletter Subscriptions


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You probably can list all the reasons your visitors should sign up for your newsletter from your website, but why should key people in your business sign up for email newsletters or get on a mailing list? It is good for business.

Newsletters of course encourage the use of the company that offers the newsletter, but a professional newsletter will also have valuable information that can give you helpful general information that you can use in addition to keeping you on top of new products and services provided by the company that publishes the newsletter.

You can always skip over services and products that you don’t need, but there is no reason to miss out on a service or product that can be useful to your business because you didn’t know about it. Don’t let your competition be ahead of you on product or service knowledge, subscribe to relevant online newsletters.

Don’t give just anyone the job of staying on top of newsletter subscriptions; train them to know what is relevant to your company’s needs. The job description should be specific and clearly written. It can be added to a current position or rotated among several existing positions. If reading over relevant newsletters is a new job, have a few pages at the end of the job description to add helpful information and helpful hints to fine-tune the job description and directions.

Benefits of subscribing to an Internet Newsletter:

  • Become more familiar with a company that you may consider doing business with
  • Get information first regarding services and products that are available
  • Possible location to place an ad
  • Online newsletters are more environmentally friendly than printed newsletters
  • Promptness of release of time sensitive information

You might not consider subscribing to a competitor’s newsletter, but there is something to knowing your enemy and the saying “keep your friends close and your enemies closer”. Stay on top of what your competitors are doing by subscribing to their newsletters.

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