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Importance of W3 Standards


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Importance of W3 Standards

The Internet is growing increasingly whenever it comes to its popularity. For this reason, new developmental tools are being created everyday. These tools do bring new challenges with them though. Challenges come in the form of cross-browser transition, design, marketing, and much more. This can create a daunting task for web gurus who don’t know a lot about W3 standards. Many Internet entrepreneurs who use to do much of their own website designs and Internet marketing are no longer doing so. Some of the smaller website designers and Internet marketers no longer are in business because they haven’t been able to keep up with the changes and can no longer offer needed services.

What CSS Is

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is a technology that is oftentimes used by websites that have a lot of pages since this makes it easier to make aesthetic changes.  This style sheet is an exterior file that runs interdependently with the website’s HTML.  It also acts as a template for the entire website’s color and font schemes while also controlling such things as borders, sizes, headings, and much more.  By being able to edit just a single file instead of making hundreds of changes in hundreds of files, you will not only be saving time but you will also be saving money too.  You will also be able to see any errors that you have made just as soon as you upload the CSS to your website.


XHTML (Extensible Hypertext Markup Language) is also becoming a lot more popular today.  This is actually an extension of HTML 5 and as such, it is a combination of both HTML and XML.  While it is still in its infancy, it has become very commonly used are using it because it can run scripts and applets that use both HTML and XML DOM (Document Object Model). Websites should really not be created without XHTML continues growing, it is expected that XHTML 1.0 documents will be able to work with other XHTML documents, thus making it a transitional language.

Using W3 Standards

Using the standards of web development that are outlined by W3, is very important if you want your users to be able to get as much as possible out of your website.  This is why making a website W3 compliant is usually the first step to optimizing a website for search engines (SEO).  Most of the time this is easy to do as long as you have a basic knowledge of how to edit HTML and use FTP (File Transfer Protocol). With these tools and W3 standards, you will have a website that functions well and saves you a lot of money too.

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