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The intimate experience on the web that will be described here has nothing to do with adult material, it has to do with how information is shared on the web. Information that is viewed as cold and impersonal isn’t likely to result in sales. When a website visitor feels like the information is written just for him or her, sales and sign ups are increased. Different methods of creating a personal and intimate (close) relationship with a website visitor.

  • Talk don’t shout to your visitors-text should be toned, so it reads like words from a good friend. Visitors are more likely to listen to a friendly voice.
  • Listen to the visitors who come to your website-you can’t sit down, talk, and take notes over lunch, but you can do research to learn more about your customers so that your website meets their needs.
  • Use your 6 seconds wisely-you will have approximately 6 seconds to convince a visitor to stop at your website and read more. Images are good to grab attention, but it is the text that will keep a visitor on the site.
  • About the company-you can help visitors feel like they know you by posting your picture on the “about page”, adding a little something about yourself (follow online safety suggestions), and the history of the company.
  • Make it easy to click and buy-have professionally designed order pages, shopping carts, and secure forms of payment available online.
  • Avoid bombarding the visitors with too many facts-keep the interaction interesting and slide in the facts and guarantees. Set aside a page just for facts for those who are actually interested.

Creating a relationship with the visitor will help them to feel comfortable at the website and comfortable trying out products and services.

Going to a skilled Internet marketing company like Karma Snack, a business will be able to make sure that your website has an intimate interaction with visitors. Karma Snack provides the services that contribute to a successful marketing campaign.