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SEO Basics - Karma Snack

Learn SEO Basics

Who is looking for me and why do I want to be found? The answer… your targeted audience is looking for you and you want to be found to increase the income potential of your website.

Even if your website’s purpose isn’t to make money by being searched cold online, you still need your website to be optimized to be easily found. If you rely on high traffic for high income, then it will be even more important for your website to be optimized to be found by search engines. You know your business and Karma Snack knows SEO (search engine optimization).

Be Sure The Your Customers Find your Website & Information Easily

If you have a website that is mainly just used by current customers, you will want it to be easily found by them if they don’t have your website address handy. This is where Karma Snack can come in and make sure your customers aren’t getting frustrated trying to find your website and the information they need from it. For businesses that have a website up mainly for current customers, there may be ways that the website could bring in additional income. Karma Snack has the experience to make that happen.

SEO Important To Get Traffic = visitors and visitors = income!

For websites that rely on their website for income, SEO is even more important. Traffic = visitors and visitors = income! To be ahead of the competition, it is not enough to have a professionally designed, high-quality website if no one can find the website. The marketing professionals at Karma Snack are experienced and skilled at SEO to make sure your site gets the exposure it needs so it reaches its full income potential.

Main Search Engines Are

When an Internet user searches for a specific topic and they go to your website, you know that the user is part of your “target audience”, they are looking for what you offer. This is the first step to making money from your website, getting visitors to your site. You will then keep them there with an easy-to-navigate professionally designed website. The search engines that are used include the following main search engines:

  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • MSN
  • AOL Search
  • Ask Jeeves
  • About

Our Special Business or Website Optimization Services Are

At Karma Snack the experienced staff will use the following to optimize your business website so that you will receive optimal results for your chosen keywords:

  • Website re-coding to make it easy to “crawl” by search engines. This will increase the website’s search engine ranking.
  • W3 validation. This assures that the website will be error-free and look the same on all web browsers.
  • Optimization of photos, video, and text content on search engines and 2.0 portals like Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter.
  • Utilize over 100,000 alternative traffic sources which will increase traffic to the website.
  • Increase incoming quality links by adding content, images, etc., and online 2.0 portals.
  • Monitor and report website statistics of your website in addition to your competitors’ websites.
  • Keywords, key phrases, niche keywords, etc. are researched and the results implemented in SEO for your website.

Contact Karma Snack For More Kelp:

With a skilled Miami SEO team, you will usually see good results within 4-12 weeks and within 6-8 months you will see great results from the SEO changes made on your website.

Ready to see the true potential of your website? Contact Karma Snack today for free website analysis.