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September 2017 – Updated // Social Media Market Share

The below data is measured against global website traffic reported by Compete, Nielsen-NetAlexa, seoMoz, StatsCounter – GlobalStats, and Karma Snack’s Snackfolio traffic analytics. The data is monitored and updated twice a month.


    Facebook 72.4%
    Instagram 7.9%
    YouTube 9.8%
    Twitter 4%
    reddit 2.5%
    Pinterest 2.2%
    Digg 0.2%
    LinkedIn 0.3%
    Other 0.8%

    United States:

      United States:
      Facebook 48.8%
      Instgram 23.1%
      YouTube 7.4%
      Twitter 5.3%
      reddit 6.4%
      Pinterest 7.5%
      Digg 0.4%
      LinkedIn 0.3%
      Other 0.7%

      Why Do Businesses Need A Facebook Fan Page?

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