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What Is Twitter? Explained.


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What Is Twitter? Explained.

Twitter is a microblogging and social networking service. The communications are limited to 140 characters per individual post, which have become known as “tweets.” Once an individual – or a business – has sent out a tweet, the people interested in that information may choose to become followers of that person or business. They are then subsequently sent that Twitter account’s tweets. The tweet interaction, or conversation, is generally available to everyone who knows a Twitter address.

Twitter was developed in 2006. By 2013 it had over 550 million users who tweet over 400 million times per day. In addition, Twitter has in excess of 2.1 billion search queries every single day. Not surprisingly, it has been referred to as the “short messaging service” or SMS of the Internet.

Twitter is potentially a giant business builder in a very small package. But, as such, it must be handled carefully to get the most out of it. It’s entirely too easy to create a presence that steers people away from, rather than toward, a business and its products and services. This is where an Internet savvy marketing service such as Karma Snack comes in. They know how to Twitter and they know what most Twitter followers are looking for.

Twitter allows users to customize their Twitter page. In business terms, this might be to spotlight products and services. But tweets must also offer real, honest-to-goodness content for an audience in order to generate business. People have become extremely Internet sophisticated, and unsubtle attempts at advertising in a tweet will produce the opposite result from the one desired. Karma Snack knows exactly how to phrase tweets to give potential customers something of value and to pique their interest in a business, a product or a service. The question is always, what can a business offer its potential clients?

Any business owner who may be asking “how do I Twitter?” will get the best answer from the Karma Snack team. Twitter’s incredible popularity with celebrities that stimulates traffic, along with their up-to-the-minute company updates and snippets of useful information from industry insiders all make Twitter a fantastic platform for any business.

So, if asking “how do you use Twitter?” be sure to contact Karma Snack today. They know powerful, business-building answers to this question. They’re waiting to showcase the products and services of your business with fascinating and relevant tweets accessible to millions of potential customers.

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