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Best Miami Drone Video Production Services

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Karma Snack’s drone video production services are ideal to help you engage your audience and turn them into well-paying customers. Contact us to devise a result-oriented video strategy and multiply your ROI manifolds.

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Let the Audience Perceive You in a Visual Light With Drone Video Production

“The art of telling stories so enthralling that people lose track of their wallets” – that’s how The New York Times describes marketing. It’s the bridging pipeline between the market and the product. Businesses have been marketing their and their product’s stories in many wonderful ways throughout the century. What’s most exciting is the way the marketing trends have kept it evolving. Traditional marketing has been prevalent since the 1900s. It, through the medium of newspapers, radio, television, magazines, billboards, and brochures, proved itself an important medium to promote sales and eventually, growth in a business. But only until digital marketing didn’t make its debut. In the 1990s, when the Internet age was introduced, the era of digital marketing began which is at its peak today and forecasted to influence future marketing strategies as well. 

Today, the trends of digital marketing define a business model’s strategy. Staying true to the dynamic nature of digital marketing, they keep fading and evolving. One of the most raging trends today is video marketing. With the increasing inception of social media, video marketing, if done right, can connect your customers to your brand. It builds a relationship that’s more than that of a customer and seller; it imbibes trust and loyalty in your relationship with your audience. Technology has provided us with various tools and techniques to go about video marketing and bring the best of it on the table. One of the techniques that are turning heads is drone video production.

In this competitive frame, you always need to have an extra boost to your marketing efforts. Drone video production adds just that extra element of creativity and grandeur. The buzz of the drone makes your business showcase its story in a manner that engages the audience. This high-end technology is changing the way video production is pursued. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a high-end moving picture is worth a million people. And that’s the power of drone video production – it gives you the perfect shot that makes your story attract masses!

Benefits of Drone Video Production


Sounds familiar?

If you have seen a drone hover by your head, you know this buzzing sound. And oh, you must’ve also experienced the woosh of air blowing wind all over your face. It’s quite a peculiar feeling.

But drones are much more than it. The process of drone video production is quite integral for your brand. Let’s get to know how it benefits you and your business. 

Creates an Interesting Video Experience

Even with the rise in OTT and streaming platforms, people love to go to theatres to watch movies. Why do you think that is? It’s because the theatrical experience gives them a dramatic experience, which might be far away from reality but convinces the audience. That’s exactly what a drone video production in Miami, Fl helps you to do. It facilitates an exhibition of your business in a way that attracts people’s attention. The idea is to engrave your brand in the minds of your audience. With the technology of drones, it is possible to do so with grand video experiences. 

Vocalize Your Expertise

The audience directs their attention towards an entity that seems to carry expertise and potential. A high-quality drone video will help in enunciating your capabilities as a marketer. Your customer base will get a deeper insight into your product or services. Moreover, it’ll give out a message that your brand isn’t just technically advanced but evolved and dynamic too. The new marketing methods will also help you stand out from the crowd and have a competitive advantage over other businesses in your industry.

Saves You Money

Adapting as per the going trends is a fabulous way to be at the top of your marketing game. It’ll help your business gain popularity and make it relevant. However, it’s not always pocket-friendly. Changing your marketing methods according to changing trends can mess up your budget. It requires a team of skilled professionals equipped with high-end technology tools. This makes the process of video marketing unaffordable for small businesses. With drone video production, the process isn’t too costly. It provides a detailed, quality video in a limited time and budget. This makes video marketing accessible to everyone, regardless of their business’s size and scale.

Gives a Real-Life Perception

In this digital age, you’re selling your goods and services online. You need to present it in a way in front of your customers that they understand its value and find your products credible. Before spending their money on a purchase, customers, undoubtedly, will want to make sure if they are okay with the particularities of what they’re purchasing. One can showcase products quite easily with the help of visual marketing. But for service-based industries, video marketing becomes a need. This fits particularly well for real-estate markets, the tourism industry, the construction industry, the property development industry, and event organizations. Drone video marketing will help the audience visualize the services at a grand scale with every detail of the targeted service. It’ll feel like an actual walk-through tour to them.

Your Customer Wants It

The constant evolvement of advanced marketing techniques has uplifted the expectations of the audience. Innovative strategies appeal to them and therefore, they don’t waste a second in scrolling through a video if it’s not enticing enough. You, as a business owner, need to understand the wants of your audience segment. They want a clearer, better, and direct perspective on your brand’s products and services. Drone video production provides just that. It presents a bird’s eye view of your service in a creative manner that attracts the audience. It just puts your business ahead of the competition curve.

Develop the Right Video Marketing Strategy With Drone Video Production 

According to research, consumers remember only 10% of what they hear and 20% of what they see. But they remember about 50% of what they hear and see. That’s the reason why video marketing is at its boom now. The last few years have revolutionized the entire video production industry. If statistics are to be believed, more than 60% of businesses pursue strategic video marketing to increase their sales. The popularity of video marketing is growing at an unprecedented rate. Let’s get to know why video marketing works so efficiently for every industry.

Videos Boost Conversions 

Our vision is our most dominant sense. It understands the information in a simpler, better, and easier manner presented in the form of visions. Images have a good engagement rate. Videos have even better engagement rate since it’s likely to capture your attention for a longer period of time than that of an image does. It’s likely to invest you in by engaging your two senses: sight and sound. Research has it that a product video, when uploaded on a landing page, can boost your conversion rate by 80%. Also, 74% of users are likely to purchase a product or service almost instantly when provided with an explainer-video. 

Videos Build Trust 

Trust isn’t just the foundation of personal relationships, but business relationships as well. The Internet isn’t a safe space completely. There are cases of fraud and cheating consumers. If a customer is apprehensive, you can’t really blame them. Moreover, there is an abundance of options on the Internet. If you want the audience to choose you over your competitors, you need to give them a reason. Trust-based relationships help the most here. If you stop selling the product and start building a value-based relationship with your customers, they’ll make you their preference. It’ll prove extremely useful to build a base of regular and loyal customers. Video marketing can be your weapon here. It has the capacity to ignite emotions in your audience. Promotional videos when combined with a strong story will make the audience invested in your brand, eventually building trust and loyalty.

Videos are Perfect for SEO

You can make infinite efforts to draw attention to your business. But it won’t work until you’ve got the search engine by your side. Your marketing strategies should be planned in a way that syncs with Google, the second largest search engine. Since YouTube is Google’s acquisition, the algorithm favors video-based content heavily over text-based content. You need positive SEO rankings to promote your business and video marketing is a great push towards it. A video makes the user spend more time on your website increasing the session duration of your website. This signals Google that your website has content that’s worth a stop and it encourages your action with SERP rankings. 

Videos Convey Information Perfectly

Video marketing possesses an emotional quality that allows the user to be completely immersed in your idea. It is more of a passive experience. The best part is it is processed by the brain 60,000 times faster than text. Your audience’s mind already likes you for not putting them through a heavy lifting of your cognitive system. This makes it much easier to inform the launch of your products or services in the form of video. It’ll capture the attention of the audience thoroughly and if you manage to convince them, it’s going to provide effective results. This works best when your niche is in a complicated industry. You can make explainer videos or animation videos to simplify your concept. 

Videos Increase Reach on Social Media

No matter which industry you belong to, your targeted audience is most definitely active on social media platforms scrolling through their feeds. Social media has lifted up the reach of videos. They are one of the most shared content pieces on these platforms. However, you must remember you can’t attract the audience by just selling and advertising your products or services. Your audience will like and share the video only when it triggers an emotion. It could be any emotion – happy, sad, hopeful, determined, excitement, devotion, or any other. The video needs to be entertaining enough to make users share it on their feed. This will increase your reach on social media, which will ultimately help in conversion rates. Moreover, social media platforms have plenty of options for you to experiment with video marketing. There are stories, live videos, reels, long-format videos, and many more. 

Our Drone Video Production Services 

The drone video production services aren’t restrained to a particular industry. We, regardless of your business’s scale, industry, and type, provide our quality services to businesses who need our support. Our video production services vary on the basis of different marketing models. 

360-Degree Drone Videography

If a video can speak a million words, then how many words is a 360-degree video? 

360-degree videos are gaining popularity lately. With social media platforms like Facebook providing the option of publishing images and videos in a 360-degree format, it has become a new stream of attention. It’s a gateway to a new and very modern marketing strategy. It provides your audience with a better insight into your products or services. Since it’s new and intriguing at the moment, it attracts attention as well. A 360-degree video ad banner has a conversion rate that is 3 times more than that of a normal one. It also makes the audience replay the video providing a 30% higher repeated view rate. There’s an increase in user engagement as well by 70-300%. We aim at providing your business exponential growth with our 360-degree drone videography services. 

Aerial Videography

There are several industries that can’t limit their video marketing methods to a traditional format. Their products or services can’t be marketed properly until they go out of their way and try video production methods that are suitable for their industry. We’re talking about manufacturing, agriculture, construction, corporate, sports, real estate, event management, and other niches that require a wide viewpoint to be marketed properly. Aerial videography is the perfect solution for such industries. It allows the business to showcase its services in a way that demonstrates the scale, distinctive view, and location. We focus on providing a bird’s eye point of view that gives a completely different perspective of the service. Earlier, it used to be difficult and expensive. Today, with the help of drones, it has become much simpler and affordable. 

Time-Lapse Drone Videography

Time-lapse videography is one of the most interesting and talked-about video marketing strategies today. It possesses the possibility of depicting a business’s story in a very interesting and unique manner. Every other business on the Internet is pursuing video marketing. The abundance of content makes the competition very stiff. To ensure a user doesn’t scroll by your video, it’s necessary to draft a content piece that’s engaging and not time-consuming.   That’s the best part about time-lapse drone videography. It is short-format video content. Therefore, it can be consumed by the audience very quickly without putting in a lot of concentration. In an industry where you need to record progress over a long period of time, such as construction agriculture, or event management, time-lapse is a very interesting video format. 

Hyperlapse Drone Videography

A hyperlapse videography is not very different from time-lapse drone videography. It’s a variation of time-lapse but rather than being set in one position, the drone keeps moving. In the edited version, it showcases the longer distance between each shot. In other words, it’s time-lapse but executed while the drone camera slowly travels through the scene. It speeds up the motion of something that is progressing at a very slow rate. With the help of drone video production, we make it possible to show the complete development of a project in a time span of 10 seconds. This allows the audience to view your business and its services in a different light. They can perceive your brand as a technologically-informed and creative business. 

Corporate Video Productions

Corporate videos are those that are used to promote your business, its products or services, or other activities directly. It’s not just an effective method for B2C businesses, but for B2B businesses as well. A study from Forbes states that 75% of business executives watch business and corporate videos on other B2B websites at least once a week. You can communicate to both internal or external audiences through it. Drone video production has the ability to add an extra flair to an otherwise uninteresting video. It is being used in every format – promotional videos, video marketing, recruiting videos, for learning and development (L&D), or sales.

Why Choose Karma Snack As the Drone Video Production Agency in Miami Beach FL?

We Sell Unique Experiences

Karma Snack has served so many industries and businesses in Miami, FL, and everywhere else in the world. While delivering our services, we always make sure to provide our clients with something that’s never been done before. Our video production strategy is to experiment with different styles with your brand. Since each one of your stories is different, its projection needs to be unique as well.

Our Experienced Team is Our Strength

Our team is a group of advanced service providers who love what they do. Our passion lies in serving the best of our services to our clients in the most creative manner possible. Drone video production gives us an opportunity to depict our strengths as a creative video production agency. Our professionals are well-trained and updated with the set standards of the industry. 

We Preserve a Collaborative Management

We are supporters of the thought that the outcome could be perfect only when the team is collaborative. Our style of working with you involves your major participation in the process. Since it’s your business, nobody can understand it better than you do. That’s why we always keep you updated with the ideation, storyboarding, filming, and editing process. Since we’re open to receiving feedback and criticism in a positive light, the final product always mirrors your imagination. 

We Believe in Customized Solutions

We provide tailored services according to your needs and requirements. Once you get on board with us, we perceive your idea on a raw sheet. Once we have a clear perspective of your brand, its story, its values, its target audience, and its goal, we add different flairs of video marketing to the idea. 

We Are Affordable

Karma Snack is an agency that has a vision of providing our top-notch services at affordable prices. Whether you’re a high-end service provider, a reputable company, a highly-experienced businessman, or a small-scale entrepreneur, our services are accessible for everyone. We don’t include any hidden costs in our service and are upfront about our pricing strategies from the beginning. 

Shoot Your Drone Video With Us And Develop Your Brand Identity

It is said that “If the content is king, video is its crown”. Gone are the days when you could promote your business through direct and traditional marketing strategies. The digital age calls for vibrant and distinctive video marketing ideas. Your business needs to stand out from the competition and create something that strongly compels the audience to engage with your brand. The key is to craft something that’s desirable, thought-provoking, and promotes your brand at the same time. To create something unique, you need to think out of the box. But that’s not it. You need production tools that are technologically-advanced and promise to bring creativity to your business idea. That’s where drone video production comes in handy. It’s new, it’s captivating, and it binds your customers. 

If you’re looking for high-quality drone video production services for your next business project, Karma Snack is more than happy to help. We are a leading digital marketing agency based in Miami Beach, Florida. Our services include video production, SEO, SEM, PPC, content marketing, website design, graphic design, marketing consultation, branding campaign, reputation management, email and newsletter marketing, hotel marketing, mobile app development, and many more. Our hands-on approach will always keep you ahead of your game. 

Reach out to us today at or contact us at +1 844-623-2299. We can be your one-stop destination for all your digital marketing needs. We can frame your story better than anyone does!

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