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Digital Marketing Strategies

An effective digital strategy is all about strategically finding and making new relationships and converting them into loyal customers who will come back for your products and/or services. Although the number of ideas one can come up with are staggering, the path to these ideas is more or less the same.

It is the same as going on a blind date prepared with a set of likable traits you can expect from your partner and a plan of action. Having a digital marketing strategy in place is something on which you can fall back and revise as needed if the results are not up to the mark.

Research says that even in the year 2020, around half the companies out there are yet to come up with a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for their businesses. Do you have a plan in mind? Let Karma Snack get the ball rolling for you.

Karma Snack never underestimates the change in wind in the digital world. We bring every digital marketing strategy to the table to make sure it will potentially benefit your business and your customers. 

Karma Snack believes that there are no shortcuts to the path of success and success takes time, effort, and the cunning of a seasoned salesperson.

In a nutshell, our strategies for marketing your business ensure – 

Drive prospective buyers to your website


Convert prospects to leads


Turn leads to sales

Digital Marketing Strategy – Karma Snack’s Framework of Success

Planning the Path to Leads

Always trust your research. The numbers don’t lie. We first review your products/services and use analytics to chart the digital marketing solution that suits your needs. We begin with a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis, create a set of objectives, and a digital marketing strategy of prioritized improvements on how to deploy digital marketing media, technology, and data to increase leads and sales. 

At this point, it is also important to determine what you want out of the strategy. 

Depending on whether you want to build sales or the brand, our strategy is likely to change. As they say, don’t just be clever about it, set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely) goals.

Example of a NOT a SMART goal: I want to get more traffic onto my website.

Example of a SMART goal: I want to get more than 20,000 visitors to my website by the end of this month and for that, I will do X, Y, and Z. 

Identifying End Users

Now that we have a plan in place, who is your ideal user? Do you know who you are making this plan for? Karma Snack will actualize the mental profile you have of your blind date onto paper before you proceed with the next step.

This will give us a solid understanding of who your customers are, what motivates them, how to assess digital platforms such as search engines, email marketing, and social media to target your customers with the content they interact with.

We are renowned for being as specific as possible as the devil is in the details. 

Instead of just dissipating our focus on teenagers, we narrow down the field to students from so and so city, with interests in so and so activities. This is going to tell you a lot more about your audience and what you can do for them.

We take care that this strategy is dependent on real data to create a credible buyer persona than go by blind instinct or cultural stereotypes. 

Building Awareness of Your Existence

An insight into understanding one’s awareness about your business and where you stand in generating the same in your buyer’s head is the beginning of the digital sales funnel which will take you down the rabbit hole of a long digital marketing strategy.

This is called a digital sales funnel.

A digital sales funnel is made up of several different steps that buyers move through in order to get to the point of purchasing and/or becoming long-term customers.

Karma Snack will create online advertisements that announce your existence to the world. We will infiltrate all paid and organic marketing channels with your content and that will match with your end-user personas.  

Thanks to these customer personas we build, Karma Snack will be able to anticipate your customer’s needs to near perfection.

All we need is bored dad googling ‘the latest models in bathroom fixtures’ on one Sunday afternoon and Karma Snack will be ready with a brand-new online advertisement for your Italian marble washbasin! 

Some of the other ways we bring traffic to your website are through

Engaging for the First Time

This involves developing trust in the initial stages. The stage that comes after people click on your online ad.

We do this by engaging potential customers with personalized communications through offline and online methods that are entertaining, informative, or both. But Karma Snack knows that this is not a one-time affair.

This can be through

  • recurring Facebook posts about the latest roses in your boutique or
  • YouTube videos about making the next delicious meal with your customized pan and pottery.

We also automate your marketing campaigns and create workflows that will allow you to create hundreds of campaigns with mere clicks.

Getting Your Client’s Information

Once we charmed them, it is time to get their number.

There are so many competitors and distractions out there that once you are out of sight you are out of mind too.

Karma Snack will hook them in with our audio, video, and text content and make them subscribe to your business.

This can be through

  • Asking them to sign up on a webinar,
  • Asking them to fill up a survey in return for a free ebook, and so on.

These methods will help us get their information first hand. We will also make sure that we contact them later with the latest updates about your business through this information.    

Converting Contacts into Customers

Now that we have got their attention and their information, it is time to take the relationship to the next level.

Ask them to invest their time or money in you.

This is a critical stage because a lot is at stake here. Not in terms of making a profit but about retaining a customer.

Let us test the waters first.

  • We can offer an introductory offer like a 3-month subscription plan to your streaming service that would come cheap when compared to a yearly one.
  • Or it can be the two extra handmade silk scarves you sell at the cost of one.

This will tell us if your contacts are interested in investing in you, even if it is in little amounts.

Don’t think about profits just yet. The goal, for now, is just to make the first sale. 

Showing Exciting Times Ahead

So, you have had your first sale. That special moment you have been waiting for has come and gone and you can’t wait to wait for the next one. But where do you go from here? How do you keep this relationship going strong?

Karma Snack’s digital strategy will make sure that the excitement of that first contact will not go away while making sure that the trust and commitment levels stay the same.

Provide perks such as,

  • Offering newlywed couples how to decorate a perfect bedroom that comes along with a purchase of your new mahogany cupboards.
  • A booklet with facts about healthy living with every pack of gourmet tea.

Excellent Digital Marketing Assistance to Help You Win

We partner with clients and ensure they stand out with all their digital marketing and branding efforts. Our cohesive system is designed to ensure you and your customers are on the same page, and that you are findable across all search engines and social media platforms. We work to help you in-

Keeping Customers Satisfied

At this point in time, you might have done a couple of sales but not a profit. You may be losing money on the front end trying to acquire new customers while keeping the existing ones satisfied.

But, Karma Snack’s strategy will keep your expenditure low as it is proven that it costs more to get a new customer than to sell to an existing one.

Hence, we ask the existing customers to invest more in you.

This can be through

  • A coupon for a yearly free car wash with every brand new Mercedes sale.
  • An amazing camera bag that comes cheaper with every camera you sell.

Advocating Your Cause

At this stage, you would be able to see that Karma Snack’s digital marketing solutions have given you many happy customers who have successfully turned up the much-needed profit for you.

Now is the time to make these loyal customers become your ambassadors of faith to spread the word for you. They may not put themselves out there to talk actively (we will talk about that next) about you but will definitely talk positively if and when your topic comes up. 

Promoting Your Brand Actively

Promoters differ from advocates, or to be specific, they are the next in the stage of customer evolution. Promoters, like any devoted acolytes, actively seek people to tell good things about your brand, products, and services.

This is because our digital marketing strategy has worked for them and provided many incentives for them to promote you.

Social Media Influencers: The best example of promoters are today’s social media influencers whose whole business strategy revolves around selling products through their content. These living and breathing marketing billboards present an opportunity to promote your brand beyond the traditional advertising set up and draw in an unprecedented loyal fan base.   

Ready to Explore the Next Level of Digital Marketing Success? Contact Us. 

Don’t wait for the perfect plan to land in your lap. We know it is a lot but the journey begins with a single step. Work with Karma Snack to find the right digital marketing strategy that works for you and let’s improvise as we go along. Karma Snack specializes in helping brands create digital marketing solutions and scale up traditional marketing strategies.

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