Ways to Increase Conversion Rates

Ways to Increase Conversion Rates

Conversion rates are the number of leads or visitors that are converted to actual sales. The businesses that have websites to make money will keep track of their conversion rates. Some of the ways conversion rates are increased are with testing and web page optimizing (SEO).

The PPC (pay per click) campaign can be set and left, but to get all the income that your campaign is capable of producing, the PPC campaign should be monitored and tested. Some of the ways to improve a PPC:

  • Keywords-using keywords from a niche on the website
  • Adgroups-a group of ads that target a keyword, a placement, or a combination of both
  • Adcopy-the ad text that gets a customer’s interest and encourages action (buy product or service)
  • Landing pages-the lead capture page that a visitors goes to when they click on an ad or the results of a search
  • Quality score-is the score based on the quality and relevance of your ads
  • Layout-website layout is important to get the “click”
  • Images-can be used to increase PPC

In addition to the above, optimizing a viral marketing campaign can also increase conversion rates. Viral marketing isn’t as simple as simply setting up Facebook, Myspace, or Twitter accounts. Even if you post regular interesting updates, there are no guarantees that the visitors that you want are part of those social networks. It takes testing and experience combined with knowledge of the less common networking sites to find the one that will be most successful. Even when the perfect social network is found, you can’t sit back and relax. Things can change fast on the Internet and it is important to stay on top of what is happening to make changes that are needed to stay on top.

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