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Website Traffic Costs & Prices

There seems to be lots of organic and free ways to drive traffic to a website. Viral marketing through social networks is often very successful. With these other options, why are businesses paying for placement of their ads? The reason is because though the other methods work, they may take time to see results. A business will pay for placement on a high traffic websites to increase the number of visitors to a site faster than with other ways. It doesn’t mean that the other methods won’t be utilized; paid placement is used in addition to organic, free, and viral marketing options.

Paid ads are placed on high traffic websites like the following:

  • Search engines
  • Web portals
  • Online directories

Pay per click (PPC) is an affective way to advertise to a targeted audience and stay within budget. With pay per click campaigns, an advertiser only pays If the ad is clicked on. So that means they only pay for visitors that show a definite interest in the Internet business, the service, or the product that is mentioned in the ad.

Since there is money being exchanged there is more at risk with paid placement adverting, many business owners will hire an Internet marketing company to set up the campaign. With paid placement advertising, you want to constantly monitor the results of the campaign so changes can be made promptly as needed.

A make shift ad is not going to get much attention or clicks if it is not written professionally or designed professionally. An Internet marketing company can coordinate all aspects of the paid placement campaign. Keywords are going to be very important when a business is paying to advertise on a high traffic website. An experienced Internet marketing company can compile the keywords that will get the results needed from a marketing campaign.

Karma Snack is an Internet marketing company that has the experience and expertise to manage all aspects of a paid placement marketing campaign so that there are great results. Karma Snack can also monitor the campaign so that it continues to be successful.