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What is Split Testing?


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Split testing is oftentimes advocated by pay per click advertisers. This is a technique that may seem confusing, but here is what it is all about. You’ll find it is not all that difficult to understanding.

What Split Testing Will Tell You

Once you find a product, do some keyword research and write an advertisement, you will want to put it up online.  You can try different designs and approaches to see which is most effective.

How Split Testing Can Help Your Business Do Better

Split testing will have you create a second ad that is very similar to your first. For instance, if you run an advertisement that mentions free shipping at the end, you should create a second one that mentions the free shipping at the beginning of the ad. Another example would be writing two different ads: one that references the product’s price and one that does not. This will allow you to track which ad will receive the best response and use that one.

What To Do With Split Testing

Now that you know what split testing is, you may be wondering what you should do with it. The best thing to do is to run each of these ads for 30 clicks each. This will provide you with a big enough sample to see what is working and what is not and then drop whichever ad is performing worse.  While you continue to run the better performing ad, you should create yet another new ad to test.  As you continue to do this, you will continue to improve upon your ads.

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