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5 Best Search Engine Ranking Strategies


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Link building is one of the best search engine ranking strategies. There are essentially five different, highly powerful, ways in which you can build links to your website. This will help your website rank higher in search engines such as Google.  If done correctly, this is actually a fast and effective way to increase traffic to a website.

1. Write And Submit Press Releases

The first thing that you should be doing is writing and submitting press releases about your business, website, products, and services.  Press releases are actually among the best search engine ranking strategies that you can use.  The reason why this is so effective is that links to your website will be able to get distributed across the entire Internet. Of course, you will want to make sure that you write your press releases in an effective manner.  You will only want to send them out whenever you are announcing something big, like the following:

  • Release of a new product
  • Adding a service
  • Website re-design
  • Re-launch of a website
  • Business is mentioned in the news

Once you write and publish a press release it will be picked up and published by other websites and blogs, which will increase the number of links that point towards your website. This is why it is important to make sure that your website’s URL is in the press release. You can add a link to the page that features the new product or service also.

2. Participate In Forums And Online Groups

It is also a good idea to participate in forums and online groups that are related to your niche. This is a creative way to build links.  In order to do this you will need to visit some forums and start posting valuable content.  Avoid spamming and just posing about your website, product, or service. Add your website link to your signature. By doing so you will be able to start building a relationship with the people there while establishing yourself as an expert in your field.  Once you have a good number of posts under your belt, you can always post in the buy, sell, and trade section of the forum. It is important to note that the more search engine friendly the forums are, the higher value your links will have.

3. Write and Submit Articles

Take some time to write and submit articles to all of the major article directories.  Make sure that your URL is placed in your bio and that these are original articles that are related to your niche so that you can showcase your own expertise.  The more articles you submit, the more links you will be able to create.  Google actually pays attention to most article directories, which is why they have high page ranks. If you can’t write well, you can buy articles from a copywriter who is experienced in search engine friendly copy. You may also choose to hire a copywriter to write a set amount of articles per week and then either submit them yourself to directories or pay someone else to do it.

4. Exchange Links

By exchanging links with other websites within the same niche as yours is really effective.  Of course, it will take some time for you to look through the search engines to find these types of websites but in the end it will prove worthwhile. This is another strategy that can be outsourced. You can hire someone to do all or parts of the task. The separate tasks include research, requesting a link exchange, and inserting the link into the website or blog.

5. Use Squidoo To Your Advantage

Everyone who works in Internet marketing knows what Squidoo is. They have a very high ranking in Google.  You will want to setup a profile there so that you can create pages that are based upon your keywords. This is a strategy that will have excellent and quick results with the right keywords. This is yet another way to create links to your website.

You can outsource some or all of the strategies to improve search engine ranking. Having your outsourcing spread out too much can cause a lack of coordination of strategies and can slow down the results of even the best Internet marketing campaigns. You can hire a professional Internet marketing company like Karma Snack to do all or part of your marketing. They will use the strategies listed above and also be able to provide services like setting up an e-store, brandingwebsite design, and more.