Best 2016 Super Bowl Advertising campaign

The advertising for companies during the super bowl games is enormous. It is a wow factor to know, that these ingeniously created commercials can cost 5 million dollars. The expense for a 30 second ad is roughly 4.5 million. For a 60 second commercial, it sky rockets to a whopping 9.0 million. The Super Bowl today more than ever, is not just a huge significant game for the NFL players. Equally it is for the advertisers as well. Unquestionably, the marketing services that are seeking national identification this can easily be accomplished, since the Super Bowl connects with a wide live of millions of viewers. But those making the decisions in the field of marketing services, ask themselves, whether or not the humongous price of the advertising can be justified. After debating this issue, it comes down to, is it worth the pay
Last year’s big game, turned out to be the most viewed television televised show ever in the United States. The concern arises with the super bowl marketing firms, that yes, 114.4 million people are watching, but are they also catching the commercials? Are they running for snacks during those times? So possibly that may be the explanation why Budweiser made the judgment call for their ad on-line including other top companies. Stated by com Score, the numbers of viewers substantially jumped to an astonishing 174.5 million exclusive onlookers. Internet marketing has proven to be completely successful.
Internet marketing has expanded immensely each year. Social media is an enormous way to advertise. The endless sites and connections with social media spreads like wild fire. It has been determined that without spending a dollar, the viewing percentage is around 46%. So it only makes sense that there has been discussion to shifting television dollars to you tube alternately.
The Neilson ratings divulged, that as much as half of the residents of the United States watched the super bowl. Tremendous growth has occurred, even when considering, from the Neilson ratings, that television watching has plummeted. And television advertising is surging to digital, showing no signs of stopping, just continues to increase. The online media display ads, super bowl ads including their partner exposure has created web traffic to many of the advertising pages to spark time and time again after the game is over. A popular super bowl marketing firm has successfully has utilized innovative marketing strategies, to exhilarate the public, and initiate top leading discussions.