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Improving Internet traffic to an Internet website is the primary focus of most Internet marketing strategies. Search engine traffic is the visitors directed from search engine results depends largely on the search engine ranking of the site and how well the web page caters to the needs of the visitors. There are two aspects about Internet traffic that determine the end marketing results:

  1. The number of visitors who are brought to the main site or web page where the product, service, or business is featured.
  2. The percentage of visitors that convert into paying customers. A higher percentage reflects the fact that the search engine optimization has worked well for the site and the ads are diverting the right type of visitors to a website.

There are two ways of getting Internet traffic to a particular site.

Organic traffic

Organic, as the name suggests, depends on brand building of the product. This category of the traffic comes to the site looking for the product after having heard about it from others or read about it elsewhere. The organic traffic budget of most firms is often less than 15% of the total marketing budget, although it is the more beneficial strategy in the long term, it doesn’t require a big chunk out of the budget. Organic traffic could be increased by spreading word about the product, writing about it in blogs, mentioning it forums, and creating a niche for the product so much so that there is curiosity about the product everywhere. A good example for this would be an Apple product where the brand reputation pulls people who are looking for more information about the latest gadgets.

Paid Traffic

The other way of attracting traffic is by paid ads. Pay per click ads are strategically placed in many different sites whose visitors, the companies believe, have visitors who might be interested in the product as well. Every time a visitor clicks on the ad he or she is directed to the product’s site and the original (source) site that redirected traffic receives commission. However, if the search keyword, content, and the placement of ads weren’t well thought about this kind of marketing can lead to loss as it would end up attracting the wrong kind of visitors who are expecting something different and would eventually walk away after going through the information on the site.

Most companies go for a balance of the above two options to calculate cost per acquisition of each single customer.

Many business owners try to get their own traffic to the website to increase the traffic to their website and hope it is has a high conversion rate. This isn’t always successful because they don’t have the experience needed to make that happen quickly. Business owners often hire an Internet marketing company like Karma Snack to their marketing. A professional marketing company can help a business reach its income potential and help to maintain that income. Contact Karma Snack today for more information.