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3 Guidelines to Effective SEO Article Writing


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Effective SEO Writing

Effective SEO Article Writing

The two most important elements for your Internet marketing campaign are your keywords and your content.  You will need to know how to target your niche’s best keywords in order for your target audience to be able to easily find your website. Don’t ignore long-tail keywords as an option. The best keywords will somewhat useless if they are put into an article with no substance. If you have Adsense on your website, you will want people to click on the ads to find out more information, but you will need information filled content so that they stay long enough to click on the ads. This is why it is important to make sure that you are offering good content on your website.  All of this is important because people are using the Internet to find information and you want to give them this information so that they came to your website to find. The best way in which to do this is by creating search engine friendly articles. To do that you will need to have the articles search engine optimized (SEO) with informative content. If you are not a good writer you can hire a copywriter or have your Internet marketing company use their copywriter.

1. Read And Learn About SEO Article Writing

There are a lot of expert SEO article writers online today who are willing to share their expertise with you.  In order to gather this information, you will need to take some time to read their websites and blogs.  It is also a good idea to read the various articles that they are distributing online via article directories.  This is actually the best way to go about learning how to write great SEO articles. Look at the websites that are on the first page of the search engines and evaluate their articles. You will want to make yours unique, but you will want to see the type of information that is included. You should also learn about hiring a copywriter and what to look for in case you choose to have someone else write your articles

2. Identify The Best Keywords For Your Articles

You should make sure that you are using those keywords that are being searched for by your potential clients whenever they use the Search Engines.  In order to figure out what these keywords are you will want to use keyword suggestion tools.  These will give you a list of keywords.  Make sure that you choose those keywords that are closely relevant to the products or services that you are selling. Medium and lower-priced keywords can be useful if there is little competition because the number of clicks will make up for the lower payout and often will exceed the income of the higher. The same is true of attracting targeted traffic with your keywords. Fewer visitors with a high percentage of sales will often exceed the sales of a website with a lot of visitors but a low percentage of sales.

3. Optimize Your Articles For Search Engines

Now that you’ve done your research and have your keywords, it is time to write your articles. Since you will want to make sure to have your articles satisfy the need for information, make sure that these articles are really rich in useful information and of high quality.  You will also want to make sure that these articles are easy to understand, can be scanned easily to find pertinent information, and are fairly short (approximately 500-600 words). After you have all of these things in place, you should strategically place your keywords so that the search engine spiders can find them easily. This includes placing them in your titles, in each paragraph, headings, bold letters, and in the resource box.

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When you first start out or when you have a small website, it can be fun to do your own SEO writing. If your writing skills are weak or you just don’t have the time available to write, you may choose to hire a copywriter or to hire an Internet marketing company that provides services like copywriting. That has the experience and has been successful in writing SEO articles. A marketing company, Karma Snack can provide other related services to optimize the income of your website. To get a free website analysis or proposal, Contact Karma Snack today.