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Almost 90% of the CEOs of top-notch companies across the globe feel internal communication is the single most important issue responsible for the success or failure of an organization. However, only a small percentage of CEOs are actually content with the quality and depth of internal communication within their companies. Internal communication is as important as external advertising. After all, how would a company win the customer’s trust if it cannot garner the goodwill and trust of its own employees? When communication is occurring in a business, the business has more information in which to formulate a successful marketing plan.

Internal Communications: What does it comprise of?

It is pretty much is what it sounds like, communication within the company. Any sort of communication that is propagated within the employee ranks be it lateral communication or from top management to the lower levels, is all internal communication. There wouldn’t be a single company where employees at any level are not informed of the results of pertinent meetings, even if they are unable to attend. Effective communication during such meetings includes clear goals set by the senior managers to their direct subordinates and convincing every employee in the division about the worth of the work they are doing is extremely important. Sometimes, this is all that really makes a difference between a buzzing productive workplace and a gloomy unproductive workplace.

Larger gatherings and conferences are rare opportunities when top management has a chance to interact with employees at all levels. Good companies utilize these occasions to reach out and know about the concerns of employees and also set the goals and vision of the company for the coming years.

Types of Internal Communications

Emails marketing campaigns, newsletters, internal storyboards, and memos are forms of written content that make the workplace more inclusive. Many marketing firms, hired by companies, target these modes through colorful letters created by digital printing, with interactive and engaging content to reach out to a greater percentage of the employees.

Respect the Employees

Whatever is the strategy, design, or value of a product a company produces, if individual employees don’t give their 100%, the company is going to lose a lot. Productivity of the employees includes the time for which they are present in the office and are actually focusing on their work, the effectiveness of every mail read and written, and the concerns and red flags that can be raised at every stage of development.

Employees must feel as much a part of the organization and the decision-making process as the management. Internal communication and the free flow of information between various tiers of a firm, make everyone a stakeholder of the success or failure of the product, thus charging them up to contribute more than their capacity.

Effect on Internet Marketing

The more resources that are available, the more effective a marketing campaign can be. The more information gathered from employees the better. In addition, another benefit of good communication in a business is when business increases, the company can handle it and the employees are more likely to step up to provide great service to the new customers and be productive enough to handle the new business.

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