Increase Your Website Traffic With SEO

Increase Your Website Traffic With SEO

increase-traffic SEO stand for Search Engine Optimization. In an SEO campaign, your website is better optimized for search engines to crawl, index, and send you traffic. Since not all traffic is the same, targeting your traffic so that the visitors that come to your website are the ones most interested in using your services is essential.

SEO includes on-site and off-site techniques of increasing traffic from the search engines.

On-site SEO
On-site optimization involve restructuring your code, so search engines can read it better, faster, and understand what your website’s message is. Some of things that are altered and tested in an ongoing process include the title, images, captions, textual content, videos, tags, JavaScript coding, meta tags, and CSS files. The right balance of coding and structural changes is needed to rank better in the search engines. Simply having a search engine friendly website is going to be a huge plus when it comes to gaining traffic.

One of the most important SEO techniques is updating your website. The search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Ask, and MSN love updating content, since it shows that the website owners are serious about keeping customers informed and up to date on the latest information.

Example, what would happen if you went to a news website such as, and it didn’t have the latest updated news. It had stories from 2 days, 2 weeks, or 2 months ago? You probably will not go back there for news, since it isn’t fresh.

Ever industry has this “freshness” factor. News sites for example, should be constantly updating throughout the day, so their freshness factor has to be very high. Other websites such as encyclopedias, and dictionaries, don’t need a high freshness factor. Every industry is different. At Karma Snack, we take this into consideration when doing your on-site search engine optimization campaign. We have copyrighting services that allow your website to stay fresh with new content so you can keep up with your competition.

Off-site SEO
Off-site optimization involves sending traffic to your website from other websites. The traffic comes in from backlinks (links that link “back” to your website). Search engines see the amount of backlinks as an important factor for your search engine rankings. The more backlinks to your website, means your website is more important. Simply having more backlinks to a website can increase your traffic from the backlinks itself, as well as traffic from the search engines.

Within your Karma Snack Internet marketing campaign, you will gain backlinks from web directories, article directories, social bookmarking sites (Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon, Reddit, etc), social media websites (YouTube, Facebook, Myspace, etc), and Web 2.0 websites (Twitter, Merchant Circle, Yelp, etc). The more places you are found on the online which backlink to your website, the faster your traffic will grow.

Not All Traffic is Created Equal
At Karma Snack, we differ in the methods in which we get you traffic. Not all traffic is equal. For example, Digg traffic is notorious for being high, fast, but poor at converting. The main reason is the traffic from Digg comes from passive traffic, they are not really looking for your services, they just happened to see something interesting on your website. Digg traffic is known for coming to your website, visiting 1 or 2 pages, and then leaving immediately since they are not your targeted audience for your services.

When a visitor visits 1 page of your website and leave this is referred to as a Bounce, the goal of any online business is to have a low Bounce Rate. Having a low bounce rate is achieve by having targeted traffic going to your website, since this will increase the chances of your traffic converting into sales.

Traffic from an article that you have written, images that you have posted on photo website, or videos that you have posted on video websites are going to have a lower bounce rate, since people that are viewing your content are more likely interested in your services. The key, and where Karma Snack Internet marketing is superior is the knowledge of what traffic is best for your targeted audience, and will convert into revenue. To learn more about how Karma Snack can help increase your online revenue contact us today.

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