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Of the many Internet companies that are constantly popping up on the web, 97% of them will fail. If you have an Internet business that is just starting or even one that is established, you will either be among the 3% of Internet businesses that are successful or be among the 97% of Internet businesses that fail. It is your choice.

Of the 97% of the businesses that fail are started by people who make a weak attempt to earn money on the Internet. They either buy into an Internet business scam or they just go running in without doing any research on Internet business or Internet marketing. There are many of the 97% of Internet businesses that fail are businesses that have been planned and thought out. Often the business is a good idea and in a good niche. The problem ends up being that the owner doesn’t have Internet marketing experience. Discouragement can happen in the time it takes to learn and become proficient in the following:

  • Search engine optimizing (SEO) – making the website easy to find
  • Pay per click (PPC) – a successful campaign can drive targeted traffic to a website
  • Viral marketing – social marketing, guerilla marketing, stealth marketing, and viral SEO
  • Website design – creating a website that is easy to navigate and secure for purchasing
  • Branding – image creation, re-branding, and brand management
  • Affiliate marketing – for leads after the sale is made
  • Social media marketing – Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, etc.
  • Copywriting – unique content that motivates readers and is search engine friendly
  • Feedback management – what do visitors really think of your product, your service, your website, and your company
  • Online store – easy to shop, secure, shopping carts, etc.
  • A/B split testing – find out what will bring in the best results
  • Lead generation – get targeted leads that are ready to buy
  • Online advertising – successfully advertise your business, products, and services
  • Email marketing – send personalized mail through the internet that is not spam

There are more aspects to Internet marketing than just what is listed above. This is why one person who tries to do their own Internet marketing part time while they are also concentrating on running a business has limited success. Of course there will be increase in sales, leads, and income when some owners market their own Internet business. The success will be limited by the experience and time available for Internet marketing management.

Internet marketing companies are hired because they have a team of knowledgeable Internet marketers that are specialists in the services that Internet businesses need. It is their expertise and experience that assures successful marketing campaigns. Members of an Internet marketing team don’t spend their time learning website design, SEO, viral marketing etcetera, they already did that. The members of the team are already proficient and skilled. They use their time and energy to get results from their Internet marketing campaigns, not learning. Since they are in the Internet marketing business full time, they are also up to date on anything new that can be used. An experienced company can pick and choose which services should be used to get the best results the fastest.

Some of the results you can expect from a qualified Internet marketing company:

Having good results with Internet marketing will result in a business being in the 3% of Internet businesses that are successful and remain online to offer their products and their services to customers locally and around the country.

Karma Snack will start out with a free website analysis and will be able to help you to take that information and create an Internet marketing campaign that will start showing results in a timely manner. Karma Snack has a team of experienced Internet marketers that can help take your Internet business to the next level.