Your Website and Who Is on First

Your Website and Who Is on First

Who’s on first? It should be your visitors. Design for the visitors first and then design for the search engines. The visitors are the ones who will use your site and will be spending their money. You can’t ignore the search engines because that is how your visitors will find your website, but keep the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Answers, and all the others in their place, which is the number two spot.

A user friendly website design will keep a visitor on the website and increase the chances of a sale or sign up. There are ways to design the website to assure this is happening.


Look at the first page of your website. Close your eyes for a few seconds and open them up again. What grabs you from the page? If it is nothing, you have a lot of work to do. Do it again and see if the colors get your attention. Look at other website designs and look at them the same way. Take notes. The most amazing content on the face of the earth describing the most perfect product will go unread if it doesn’t look appealing. Can the content be easily skimmed to find information of interest? Do the graphics and images accurately reflect the company image and the product?


Can the website user easily find what they are looking for? Make sure all links work and it is clear where to click to navigate around the site. Be sure other pages are listed and organized for easy access. When a visitor clicks onto another page, make certain they can easily find their way back to the home page and also have access to other related pages.


If you are asking your visitors fill out any forms for ordering or to sign up for something, double check your security. Private information should be protected and remain private and the website design should assure security for the customers’ personal and private information. Assure your visitors that they are on a secure website.


When a website is designed poorly and it takes a long time for it to load, often a visitor will choose to go elsewhere for what they are looking for. Test the websites from a variety of places with different types of Internet connections.

An Internet marketing company like Karma Snack that has a staff of professional website designers can make sure that your website is designed to satisfy both the website user and the search engines to optimize the traffic and usability of your website.

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